6 Shopping Hacks Walmart Shoppers Need to Use

shopping hacks Walmart shoppers

Walmart is well known for its low prices and guarantee to save money. It doesn’t take long for anyone who first becomes a Walmart shopper that you can get low prices and savings on items you might purchase regularly. I’ve found some of my regularly purchases, such as household items, groceries, health, and beauty are always certain to save me some money.

Being a regular Walmart shopper now, I found that there are some other ways to save even more on their low prices. Check out these 6 shopping hacks I believe all Walmart shoppers need to start using now.

1. Save Even More at Walmart with Coupons

While you might expect to get the lowest prices at Walmart, you can still even save more by using coupons. Check out coupon websites and even Walmart.com for coupons that can save you more on items on your shopping list.

Walmart has some coupon policies you should give a read before using any coupons at their stores. For instance, Walmart does not give cash back if the coupon is for more than the item you are purchasing.

2. Get There Early

One of the easiest ways to get the best deals on meat and other perishables is heading to the store earlier. Most stores will mark down their meat and produce close to their sell by dates in the morning time. You can always ask the manager of the stores meat and produce departments to know when they mark down their prices as this can vary by store.

3. Use Walmart Price Match

Walmart will price match any identical items purchased within a Walmart Store. You just need to bring in a shopping ad and show it to the cashier to get a price match. You can also mention any online prices and sales you saw it to get an adjustment as well. Be sure to read their Price Match Policy on Walmart.com as there have been some changes made.

4. Save with the Walmart App

The Walmart app allows you the ability to make a shopping list. You can check in-store and online prices for availability. The weekly ad and more are also on the app. Overall, this app for Walmart was made to help you save time and money all at once.

5. Yesterday’s Baked Goods

Another department you can save money on in Walmart is the bakery department. Yesterday’s baked goods are usually marked down for a quick sale. These baked goods are normally good if you are using them right away, but if you are not going to then you can always freeze them.

6. Use In-Store Pickup

If you are wanting to purchase something online on Walmart’s website but don’t have to pay for shipping fees, you can always use Walmart’s Pick Up Today and the items can be sent to your local Walmart for free.

What are some ways you save at Walmart even more? Let us know in the comments below!

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