5 Ways to Make the Most of After-Christmas Sales

After all that shopping, you are probably tuckered out of the season of gift-giving like I am too!

Thinking about another sale is the last thing on my mind and probably yours too. But the days after Christmas are always full of great bargains and stellar discounts at stores. How can we think about skipping out on them?

Post-Christmas sales can be great to load up on Christmas items such as holiday décor, non-food gifts, ornaments, and paper items. You might also find some great deals on items you missed on before Christmas came. Overall, the stores are looking to clear their shelves for the new year.

Check out these 5 ways to make the most of After-Christmas Sales!

1. Use Coupons for Even More Savings

Coupons are great for any of those post-Christmas baking supplies, candy, and other holiday foods. Wait to use those coupons for the big Christmas clearance at stores like Walmart, Target, and your local grocery stores.

2. Get Ready for Next Christmas

Shopping ahead for next year’s Christmas with any after holiday sales. You can stock up on all sorts of goodies!

Some of the items you can stock up on:

  • Gift wrapping items, such as wrapping paper, gift bags, tissue paper, gift tags, ribbon and bows
  • Paper products, such as plates, cups, napkins, facial tissues, and paper towels
  • Kitchen items, such as towels, potholders, dishes, storage tins, serving trays
  • Bathroom items, such as bath towels and soap dispensers
  • Holiday décor, such as Christmas lights, ornaments, stockings, pillows, and other Christmas décor items
  • Non-food gift sets, such as gift baskets filled with food, hot beverages, or candies.
  • Seasonal food items, such as Christmas inspired flavored like peppermint or pumpkin spice
  • Clothing pieces, such as Christmas sweaters, shirts, socks, and pajamas
  • Stocking stuffer items

3. Don’t Skip the Drug Stores

Drug stores are a great place to shop for any after-Christmas deals. You can find great deals here the day after Christmas because most drug stores will likely mark down their merchandise faster than other stores!

4. Swap in Those Gift Cards

Are there gift cards you received you didn’t want? Luckily you can swap out any unwanted cards for cash by selling your card cards online or trading them for another gift card at Gift Card Granny.

If you don’t have any gift cards to turn in, then you can still snag some discounted ones from Gift Card Granny to use on your after-Christmas sales. Gift Card Granny offers a wide range of discounted gift cards, such as retailers, restaurants, and more.

5. Try Department Stores

The clearance section of department stores near by will have lots of discount items the day after Christmas. You’ll find quality and brand-name items with great savings at your local department stores. Some department stores will offer coupons to bring down prices even more, such as Macy’s JCPenney’s, and Kohl’s.

What are some ways you save money on the after-Christmas sales? Let us know in the comments below!

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