10 Ways to Get Free Christmas Gifts

10 free Christmas gifts
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We all know Christmas is one of the most expensive holidays of the year. Between all the holiday decorations, gifts, and parties, it seems Christmas is getting more and more extravagant!

I’m always trying to find ways to save, especially when it comes with the best deals during the holiday season. Instead of spending more this year, wouldn’t it be great if we all could get our hands on free Christmas gifts?

Well, you actually can!

Check out these 10 ways to get free Christmas gifts. You won’t need to worry about your Christmas budget this year and the years to come.

1. Department Stores

When the holidays come around, the competition between department stores are fierce. This is great news for us moms looking for gifts!

Get yourself in the habit of checking the sales ads each week for coupons. There are many stores that run these types of promotions. Don’t be afraid to ask the sales cleric when you are at the department store about any coupons or sales happening! By snagging coupons you could knock two gifts off your list without ever pulling out your wallet.

2. Survey Sites

10 free Christmas gifts
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If you enjoy sharing your opinion, then you need to get on the bandwagon of surveys. Earn magazine subscriptions, best-selling books, movies, gift cards, electronics, and a lot of other great gifts that your family and friends would love for Christmas.

Check out these 5 websites that will pay for you to take surveys!

3. Grocery Offers

There are ways for you to save on Christmas gifts right within your grocery store. Get in gear by checking product packaging for offers. You can score gift cards, DVDs, toys, and saving bonds.

Try the Kellog’s Family Rewards program to redeem product codes for prizes.

4. Cashback Rewards

10 free Christmas gifts
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You can earn points and cash them in for gift cards when you sign up for Mypoints and Swagbucks. All you need to do is read emails, take surveys, web searches, and shop online. You can use your gift cards to give as gifts or when you do your Christmas shopping. There are over 75 merchants to choose from, so you will be sure to find a gift card for everyone on your list!

5. National Consumer Panel

Sign up for National Consumer Panel and get paid while you grocery shop. Scan the barcode of each item you buy from the provided scanner (from National Consumer Panel), and you will be rewarded with points that you can redeem in their gift catalog.

6. Rebates

10 free Christmas gifts
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Be on the lookout for free-after-rebate items that you can use to create gift baskets. Also, look out for rebates on items you normally buy too. Rebates are great to boost a small Christmas budget, so go ahead and drop the rebate check in your Christmas fund!

7. Gift Cards

Lots of stores will offer great deals on their gift cards. Decide what stores you might want to purchase items from and keep an eye on gift card sales. You can then use those gift cards for your Christmas shopping.

8. Sweepstakes and Instant Wins

10 free Christmas gifts
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Enter sweepstakes and instant wins with prizes that you would like to give as gifts. There is no guarantee that you would win, but you can try at least!

9. Freebies

Keep your ears open and be ready to pounce anytime something gift-worthy comes up for grabs from companies. Companies give things away all the time.

10. Credit Card Rewards

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If you are good with paying your credit card off each month, paying your bills can be a great way to get points is with your credit card. Let them accumulate throughout the year, and then cash them in when you are ready to do your Christmas shopping.

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