8 Tricks to Balancing a Career and Family

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More mothers more than ever are now working. According to the Center for American Progress, at least 4 in 10 homes having moms that are also a working mother. Being a full-time mom and in a career can often leave moms feeling guilty and stress since due to a divide in their attention with work and family.

It’s definitely never easy being a mom and trying to juggle a full-time job with also a family life. The key to being a mother and having a career is to plan, get organized, and find the right balance between your profession and parenthood. You can easily make sure both your profession and family flourish.

Check out these tips on how you can get closer to reaching your ideal work-life balance in your occupation and family.

1. Don’t let the guilt get ahold of you

Dwelling on how you are not there with your family doesn’t help benefit you feeling a peace of mind with balancing your profession and parenthood. Focus on thinking about how your profession is benefiting your family. Spending your time working can help your child in several ways, such as put away savings for college or even afford certain classes or educational opportunities for them.

It’s important to focus on the priorities in the moment. Making sure you come to terms with your choices is an important step to take. You will have your good and bad days with your choices, but remember that you working does not make you a bad parent. Remember you are not alone in this journey either as many other moms have entered back into the workforce or also are balancing between being a working mother and parenting.

2. Get organized with a family calendar

Figuring out your family’s priorities is the first step to find balance. A family calendar can help you get organized. It can also help you stay prepared and know what events are coming up.

Some things to include in your family calendar are important dates, such as bills being due. A chore chart for the kids can help them keep on task with what they need to get done. Be sure to include a list of school and family events, extracurricular activities the children might have, birthdays, and what else you and your family think is important to add. One way to keep you are synced together with the calendar is using Google calendars. It can easily be shared and sync on smartphones.

You might even consider spending time before the week starts by sitting down with your family and going over the week. Setting aside at least 15 to 20 minutes to review and prepare for the upcoming week’s schedule can eliminate any surprises during the week. You might even consider having a family command station in your home that has important papers, documents, and more. Check out these 6 Family Command Centers to Keep Your Family Organized.

3. Talk with your employer

It’s important you speak to your employer or HR representative about your needs. Before meeting with them make sure you have a written plan constructed. Try to be open up and honest as possible and present alternative solutions if possible. Always ask questions about having a flexible arrangement before accepting a new job if you are entering the workforce again. Make sure you ask the two important questions: “How much time can I take off?” and “How much of that time will be paid?” Make sure you discuss short-term disability or vacation/sick time to cover some of your time away from the office.

4. Stay connected when you are at work

Staying connected with your kids during the day can help ease the balance between working and having a family. During your break at work give your children a call. Hearing their voices can help you get through the work days and even give them comfort knowing you are thinking of them. if you are going to miss or be late to one of their event’s consider writing them a special note or a small good-luck charm such as their favorite sweet treat.

5. Make the mornings easier for you and the family

Starting the day on the right foot will help keep you not feeling frazzled and out of place with your day. There are plenty of ways you can make your mornings easier, such as getting organized the night before. Check out Quick Tips for Busy Moms Getting Ready in the Morning and 6 No-Fail Tips to Get Your Kids Out the Door Faster!

6. Spend time with the family

Making time for your family is crucial during the week and even on the weekends. Family time allows everyone to bond together and is even vital for nurturing your family dynamic. You can make family fun with family night board games or movies (How to Create Fun Family Games Nights). You might even consider making delicious snacks for the time spent with your family (18 Simple and Quick Snacks for Family Time).

Check out 8 Ways to Boost Your Family Time Together!

7. Get together with your partner

It’s also important to remember to nurture your relationship with your partner. You can spend time together by planning monthly date nights to get closer and just to enjoy each other’s time together without the kids. Fostering your relationship with your partner will bring excitement to the marriage or partnership. You don’t always have to go out on monthly date nights, check out these 17 Cheap Dates for Couples.

8. Don’t forget to have time for yourself

When planning a balance between working and being a parent, make sure you add some time for yourself in there. A refreshing break for yourself will help keep your recharge while taking care of your own personal needs. You cannot be an effective spouse or parent if you are feeling drained. Treat yourself to things that you enjoy, such as reading a book or a beauty appointment. Make sure you fit time to exercise to keep yourself healthy and having health conscious eating habits. Don’t neglect your sleep either!

What are some ways you balance your life between being a working mother and a parent? Share below with us in the comments!

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