8 Frugal Ways to Save on Your Date Night

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Who doesn’t love going on a date night with our loved ones? They can be super fun in many ways. Date nights are also necessary to keep the magic alive when it comes to your relationship together.

The problem with date nights is that they tend to get expensive. With all of the bills that need to be paid and other necessary items we need, it can be hard to set aside money for a date night with each other.

If you have been avoiding date night for sometime because of your budget, then its time to get those date nights penciled back into your schedules. Check out these 8 frugal ways you can save on your date nights!

1. Date Night at Home

Cook a delicious dinner at home and rent a movie to watch. There are so many options for cooking a delicious dinner at home. You can make a quick meal that is your favorite or try something new you have had your eye on for sometime now. Rent a movie from a Redbox near you or get a rental from online on a streaming serve or cable service you might have.

2. Try Restaurant.com

Restaurant.com offers a wide variety of discounts on gift card purchases of local and chain restaurants near you. All you need to do is input your zip code and a list of local and chain restaurants will be listed. Be sure to read the fine print as there are some requirements or restrictions on some of the offers.

3. Go to Lunch Instead of Dinner

Going out in the evening can be expensive most of the time. Save money by going out for a lunch date instead. You will also have less of a chance to wait for a table. The weekend has the best specials for lunches too.

4. Make it a Date Day

Instead of a date night go for a date day. There are a lot of fun and free and sometimes cheap events you can attend. The weekend has a lot of food and musical festivals, farmers’ markets, and garage sales.

5. Get Stuff Done Together

Sometimes life can be busy, and our to-do list can get longer and longer. Get stuff done together around the house or yard is a great way to tackle that to do list. It might not be romantic but its one of the best ways to save money if you are on a budget. As well, completing tasks can be just as enjoyable when you are doing it together with your partner.

6. Free and Fun Dates

There are plenty of free and fun date ideas out there. You can go to the park for a picnic. Go for a hike on a nearby hiking trail. Watch the sunset together. Volunteer at a local organization or event. Tour your own city or a nearby city you never explored before.

7. Grab a Coffee

Going out for a cup of coffee is much cheaper than going out for a full dinner meal. Try a new coffee shop near you. You can also go to local bakeries or tea shops for something new or get a small dessert. It’s a great place since most coffee shops over intimate environments and quiet conversations.

8. Take a Class Together

Take a class together that you both have a common interest in or if you want to try something new. It can be an art or cooking class. Prices range from all sorts of different prices for classes so check out Groupon.com or try a free class online, such as these free online cooking classes.

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