7 Fun Thanksgiving Activities for the Kids

Thanksgiving is a fun holiday to share with family and friends. A great time to remember to count your blessings and be thankful of all that you have.

It’s also another time knowing how to keep the kids busy and occupied while the finishing touches are being done!

One way to keep the kids busy is some FUN Thanksgiving activities. The kids will love these activities, such as coloring Thanksgiving pages, making delicious Thanksgiving treats, and doing the Turkey Trot with the whole family.

Take a look at these 7 Fun Thanksgiving Activities for the Kids!

1. Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

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Print out some fun Thanksgiving and fall coloring pages. Let the children spend some time coloring and decorating some of these images.

2. Recipes That Kids Can Make for Thanksgiving

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Get the kids involved in Thanksgiving by having them take a part in the holiday meal preparations.

Check out these Top Thanksgiving Recipes Kids Can Help Make: 25 Great Ideas. Some of these recipes include pies, appetizers, breads, candy, and more!

3. Thanksgiving Games for the Kids and Whole Family

If you are looking for some fun activities for the Thanksgiving celebration for the kids to get them up and out of the house, check out these 12 Thanksgiving Activities for the Family!

There are a lot of fun games and activities that is a great way to keep the children occupied and having fun.

4. Decorate a Thanksgiving Card

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Print out a free printable Thanksgiving card for your child to decorate and send to someone they wish to tell them “Happy Thanksgiving”. They can even give these Thanksgiving cards to the guest that come to the holiday meal.

This Thanksgiving card is meant to be colored after you print it. Attach a message and photos before or after the cards are printed. These cards make a great simple gift that a child can send in the mail to family members.

5. Let the Kids Help Decorate the Table

Children love to help with many things. Let the kids help decorate the table for Thanksgiving. You can have them set and decorate the table with place cards, canter pieces, napkin rings, placements, menus, and more.

6. Take Them for a Trot on a Turkey Trot Race

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Take your children for a Turkey Trot Race. These are a fun race or a footrace that is held each year before the big Thanksgiving meal. Most cities will hold a Turkey Trot.

They are perfect for the whole family since often these races are short. And nothing says it better by burning off some calories before the big turkey dinner!

Find a Turkey Trot Race near you!

7. “I’m Grateful For…” Thanksgiving Activity

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Help the children take a breather and focus on what one of the true meanings of Thanksgiving is.

Use this “I’m Grateful For…” Thanksgiving activity from Thirty Handmade Days. Have the children fill out what they are grateful for and why they are grateful for it. They can also color the sheet too!

What are some activities your kids do during Thanksgiving? Share with us in the comments below!

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