6 Uses for Leftover Halloween Candy

leftover halloween candy recipes

The kids last night just returned with over 10 pounds of Halloween candy. When they are off at school I know I will be sneaking a couple pieces out of their candy stash. But I am trying to figure exactly what we are going to do with all of this leftover Halloween candy. I know as much as they would love to eat it all over the next week they won’t be! So I decided to do some searching and came across some fun things you can do with leftover Halloween candy.

Here are 6 uses for leftover Halloween candy that is fun and tasty.

Make Some Delicious Halloween Bark

leftover halloween candy recipes

Halloween Candy Bark recipe from Taste of Home

Make some delicious bark with the leftover Halloween candy.

Bake Delicious Treats with All Different Kinds of Candy Bars

leftover halloween candy recipes

Candy Bar recipes at Recipe Goldmine

Make delicious treats with all kinds of different candy bars from cookies to brownies to cakes and more!

DIY Advent Calendar for Thanksgiving and Christmas

leftover halloween candy recipes

Repurposing Your Leftover Halloween Candy from Alpha Mom

Make an advent calendar for the coming holiday celebrations, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Donate It to the Troops

Image from Pixabay

You can send your Halloween candy to organizations that will ship it off to our troops. Check out Operation Shoebox that will mail your candy for you to the troops!

Use Leftover Candy as a Fun Educational Lesson

Your children’s leftover candy can be used for a fun learning game. Try it with games of addition, subtraction or mastering fractions. It can also be used to create writing prompts or replace for game pieces.

Crazy Sugary, Delicious Candy Pancakes

Candy-Stuffed Pancakes recipe from Spoon University

These pancakes are the perfect way to get your sugar fix and to get rid of all those leftover Halloween candies laying around in your home. Toss it all together to make something so delicious. The kids will go crazy for these fun pancakes, so make sure you are ready for that sugar high when they start bouncing off the walls.

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