12 Things Happy Couples Do Daily

Sometimes you see or meet older couples who’ve been married what seems like an eternity. You marvel at their accomplishment and wonder how they did it. They are so in love you sometimes catch yourself caught up in admiring their relationship. Maybe you are wishing you had their relationship.

What exactly is their secret?

It is actually simpler than you might think!

I asked couples who I thought were always happy what their secret was. I was surprised to find out it was a series of little things they did daily. It was the littlest of things that made every day together joyous. It was what made their relationship long and lasting a happy one.

Check out 12 things happy couples do daily that build a long, lasting happy relationship!

1. Flirt

It doesn’t matter how long you have been together with your significant other, your partner will love being reminded about why you find him or her attractive. Those within happy relationships continue to flirt even when they are committed fully. Giving a compliment, noticing new clothes or haircuts, or anything else will make your partner feel good and happy.

2. Cuddle

Connecting to your partner is important, and simple touch of gestures can go a long way. Cuddling with your partner shouldn’t be underestimated as it is some real quality time to spend with him or her. So grab a blanket and watch a movie or your favorite TV series.

3. Forgive

Holding onto little grudges have a way of growing and creating a bigger problem. It may be difficult to learn the skill of forgiving, but learning to pick your battles and picturing what is more important can make both of your relationship simple and happier.

4. Appreciate Each Other

Sometimes we fall into a pattern and forget to remind our significant other that we still appreciate them. Expressing your gratitude by a simple “thank you” can go a very long way. We all like to feel appreciated for our efforts and to know we aren’t simply being under-appreciated and forgotten. We want to be valued and deserve to be told and reminded we all are. So don’t forget to say “thank you” or express your genuine feelings of value and appreciation you have for your partner.

5. Smile

They say a smile can be contagious. It is very true! A smile can go a very long way by lightening the mood and it shows that you care. Also, smiling and laughing can bring joy to your relationship.

6. Check in on Each Other

Sometimes life can get busy and you can fall into a trap of not communicating very much. Don’t make it a habit to speak to your significant other just about the kids, paying bills, or needing something to make for dinner. A simple call or text just because reminds your partner you are thinking about them throughout the day.

7. Work Together on Something

Working as a team is important and happy couples have come to know that. It can be simply working together to put dinner on the table or sharing a hobby together. Working together builds a stronger bond even when doing simple activities together.

8. Don’t Expect, Just Ask

Your partner cannot always read your mind and know exactly what you need. It is a recipe for disaster if you run around hoping it happens. Asking and listening to your partner shows you care and want to make things work out. Of course there might be differences so hearing your partner out and understanding the differences is important.

9. Always Kiss Each Other Hello and Goodbye

A simple peck on the check or lips can go a long way. When you make the time to make eye contact or kiss each other, it shows that you care about your relationship even during the busiest of mornings and evenings.

10. Have a Ritual

Morning or nighttime rituals help couples have an opportunity to connect. Simply going to bed together or waking up together and spending at least 30 minutes will add more meaning to your relationship.

11. Plan Your Future Together

Planning can simply be talking about what is happening during the day or week and meaningful conversations on future plans for your lives together. It doesn’t matter how trivial the matter is. You two are a team, so work together. Make everything happen together. It can be about the children, your jobs, or planning about buying something new like a house or car.

12. Support Your Partner’s Hopes and Dreams

It’s important to be with someone who supports your hopes and dreams in life. Happy couples care about each other’s hopes and plans their partners have. Ask questions and listen to your partner. Celebrate with them when something is great and hold them close when times get tough.

A relationship isn’t just perfect from the beginning. You might have great chemistry, but building a strong bond is one where both partners need to take the time and nurture together every day. It doesn’t take a lot of effort, small gestures and communicating are enough to make you two a happy couple!

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