10 Fun Fruity Snack Ideas for Kids

Most parents can agree that feeding your kids feels like a nonstop job. We are responsible for feeding our children. At the same time, we are teaching our children eating habits that will affect their future.

It’s important for me as a mom, perhaps you as well, to feel my kids snacks and meals that are high quality and healthy. I want to also instill some great healthy eating habits so they can have a healthy future when it comes to their health and having a family of their own.

There are many great snack ideas out there when it comes to eating fruit. Check out these 10 fun fruity snacks ideas that your kids will love. Parents, you might just love these as much too!

Apple Nachos from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

Apple nachos are an easy breezy snack that is kid-friendly that is both nutritious and fun! The kids will love these because you can customize them to their favorite toppings.

Healthy Banana Split from Simple Healthy Kithchen

Throw a delicious and healthy banana split together in minutes. You replace the ice cream with either cottage cheese, yogurt, or Greek yogurt.

Waffle Iron Apples from Cupcake Project

Waffle iron apples are fun and easy snack that is healthy. You only need a couple minutes to prepare this delicious snack. Add a little sugar and cinnamon for more taste!

Healthy Trail Mix with Fruit Combos from One Lovely Life

One of my favorite snacks with fruit is trail mix! There are so many combos you can mix together to make a healthy trail mix. Your kids will love mixing their favorite choices together.

Frozen Yogurt Covered Strawberries from Stockpiling Moms

A quick and easy fruit snack is frozen yogurt covered strawberries. You can use any of your favorite yogurts with a delicious sweet treat. Perfect for any time of year, but everyone loves these on a hot summer day!

Kid Friendly Fruit Kabobs recipe from Beautifully Broken Journey

Use different combinations to make sweet fruit kabobs.

Frozen Grapes from Zen and Spice

A simple and easy snack. Frozen grapes are naturally sweet and the freezer keeps their flavor instilled. A healthy go-to-snack when your sweet tooth is calling.

Fruit Breakfast Popsicles from I Heart Naptime

Full of delicious flavors and ingredients. These breakfast popsicles are perfect for a healthy morning snack or just when the summer days are so hot you need a refreshing snack to keep you cool.

Apple Cookies from Stockpiling Moms

Apple cookies give you a delicious taste while still giving a healthy snack to your kid. You can use almond butter or sunflower butter for a healthy alternative to peanut butter. This is also vegan and gluten free!

28 Super-Charged Healthy Smoothie recipes from Delish

Smoothies are fun way to get your kids to eat delicious fruit. There are tons of different combinations. Try one of these 28 healthy smoothie ideas.

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