Let’s Encourage Our Children to Pursue Their Dreams, Follow Their Interests and Become Good and Kind People with These Whimsical, Colorful Kid-Inspired Tees

When I first saw these clever tees with a powerful message, I thought “what a great idea. My readers will love these!” And when I found out they were inspired by a 5-year old girl, that blew me away. These “I Will Be What I See” tees for toddlers and kids feature a collection of “Julidorables” designs representing occupations, interests and values. Here’s the backstory in a nutshell – full story is on the website.

“Aunt Carol,” exclaimed Juli this past July, “I will be what I see!” Asked to explain, Juli said, “It means if I see a teacher, I will be a teacher.”  Seven weeks after Juli’s utterance, Carol and two friends created a line of tees, sweats and hoodies that are getting rave reviews from parents (“adorable”) and kids (“awesome”). 

Carol and one of her partners Paulette, both former caring teachers, know all too well how very important it is to give kids positive messages. While teaching, they saw so many kids who didn’t get positive messages and suffered as a result.  


It gets better. Early on, Juli expressed the desire to help kids that are really sick, so the company, Through Juli’s Eyes, donates a portion of every sale to The Valerie Fund that helps kids fight cancer and blood disorders, one of the best associations that fights for childhood cancer awareness!

There’s more. I’ve arranged for a 10% discount for all 24/7 Moms readers! Every customer gets a 50 page coloring book and a squeaky clean book of jokes for kids.

Whether your child wants to be an astronaut, eye doc, teacher, vet, baker, farmer or dentist, there are dozens of occupation designs like these:

Also very popular with kids are interest designs like these:

Parents especially appreciate the designs that promote good values, including kindness, sharing, forgiveness, being a good friend and more, like these:

The store, located at IWillBeWhatISee.com, also has adorable and funny baby shower onesies (i.e., “There’s a twosie in my onesie!”), adult designs for parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles (coming in November), and personalized tees for any name. To save 10%, enter code XQ247 at checkout.

In keeping with their philosophy of adults being good role models for children, the company just introduced tees, sweats and hoodies for parents, grandparents, aunts and unless – customized and personalized – that you can see here: https://i-will-be-what-i-see.myshopify.com/collections/adult-designs

All tees are 100% cotton; sweatshirts and hoodies are a blend. There are 24 sizes and 37 shirt colors. They provide free first-class shipping in the 48 states (no minimum order size).  Click here (IWillBeWhatISee.com) to visit the I Will Be What I See website.

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Grab your 100% free 25-page coloring book featuring the  “julidorables” characters. Download instantly and print-at-home. No purchase necessary. Click here to get your FREE Coloring Book.

Disclaimer: I have teamed up with I Will Be What I See in support of this campaign. We received compensation for participation in this campaign. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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