6 Tips to Take the Best Family Photos

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Taking family photos is an overwhelming experience to have. It’s hard to get everyone together and even resisting the urge to yell “cheese” and strike a pose. Getting everyone to be perfectly still with a smile and taking shots without anyone blinking can be challenging.

But taking family photos doesn’t have to be a nuisance.

Check out these tips on capturing some of the most memorable moments of your family.

Prepare for the day

If you are wanting a stress-free shoot day, then talk to your kids about the big upcoming day. Get them excited before the photo shoot.

When the big day comes, avoid setbacks like grumbling bellies and cranky toddlers. Make sure they are well-rested and fed before taking photos. Schedule the photo session during a time where they are in a good mood. You might consider bringing some snacks to refuel the hungry bellies of the kids. Make sure the snacks are messy. Some good ideas for snacks that are quick and likely-mess free are cheese, apple slices, and nuts.

Coordinate together

Pick out outfits of the family or children that have similarity together. Consider choosing one or two main colors and try to have most people wear on article of the clothing featuring the chosen colors. Make sure the clothing is weather appropriate and everyone is in comfortable clothing. As well, make sure the clothing style is similar—everyone should wear formal attire.

Ignore the camera

Those intimate moments we often do not get to snap with the camera are often missed. Let the kids enjoy themselves on the photo day. This can alleviate the pressure of snapping the perfect photos.

Forcing a smile can be hard for children. You can have them explore their surroundings and get lost in their own world for just a moment. These shots are precious for any parents.

Skip the cheese

Saying “cheese” doesn’t always leave us with a natural, genuine smile in our pictures.

Try planning a fun activity, a game, or tell a joke. These ideas can help alleviate the tension and produce a natural laugh and smile to capture those natural smiles.

The perfect time and place

Take pictures when the sun is at its perfect position. This will help avoid any shadows on the faces or the light within your eye.

Choose a location that is stress-free. Outdoor areas such as grassy fields, beaches, boardwalks, and forest pathways are great.

Take the hint

Don’t let the photo shoots go on too long. Most people have different attention spans for such tedious tasks like taking photos. Avoid the testy teenagers and toddler tantrums. A family shoot should try to go no longer than an hour.

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