15 Dollar Store Organization Ideas That Are Genius

Home organization can sometimes be overwhelming. There are so many things around our homes that feel like they don’t have a spot. Between the mail being tossed on the kitchen counter to losing your earrings in your bedroom it’s hard to keep track of everything.

But did you know you could easily find ways to organize those little things you just can’t find a spot for in your household? The Dollar Store has a HUGE spectrum of items to help you keep your home orderly and tidy. It’s also a great saving deal that can help you get your home in order.

Check out these 15 Dollar Store Organization Ideas That Are Genius!

Under the Kitchen Sink Organization from Neat House Sweet Home

Keeping organized under your bathroom and kitchen sinks is sometimes neglected. You can easily organize them with different types of bins, such as locker bins, stackable bins, and shower caddies.

Commands Hooks from A Bowl Full of Lemons

If you have small space or need to hang items, use command hooks to hang gloves or cleaning tools.

Earring Organizer from Yesterday on Tuesday

Re-purpose an ice cube tray as an earring holder. You can keep your earrings all in one place without losing them. Plus, it’s super organized!

Ribbon Basket Storage DIY from Cute DIY Projects

Get a plastic container that has holes in it from the Dollar Store. Insert a wooden rod into one end and then add ribbon spools in place to keep all of your ribbons organized.

Toothbrush Organization from Families That Stick

If you share a bathroom with the entire family or are limited on space in your bathroom, this toothbrush organization hack is genius. Get a plastic tray from the Dollar Store, such as a silverware one, and place each family member’s toothbrush in their own spot.

Keep Track of Papers from One Good Thing

Keeping our papers organized and in one place can sometimes be a hassle. I used to always lose track of papers I needed, but you can easily and cheaply keep track of your bills, contracts, and other important documents from the dollar store. You can find binders of note cards with section dividers, folders, and so much more!

Coat Rack Turned to Coffee Cup Holder from Cute DIY Projects

Turn a coat rack from the Dollar Store into a cute coffee cup holder. It makes a cute decoration but also helps you with space and organization if you have limited room in your home. You can easily hang it in the kitchen or living room.

Pantry Makeover from How to Nest for Less

If you struggle with small space and need way more, try using Dollar Store containers. This Pantry Makeover has a ton of ideas to help you find ways to organize and use your limited space efficiently.

Eating Food in the Car from Lookie What I did

Eating any food in the car, especially if you go through the fast food drive-thru for a quick meal on the road, can be a nightmare to keep organized. You are always handing back the drink or fries. Take a trip to the Dollar Store for a multi-purpose basket that organizes and holds of your child’s meal in one place.

dollar store organization ideas

Organize Your Papers from A House Full of Sunshine

You can easily sort your mail and avoid paper clutter by grabbing a few wired baskets and hooking them to the wall. If you want you can add labels to make them more appealing in your home. Check out this DIY project for some tips and tricks on how to do so.

dollar store organization ideas

Chest Freezer Organization from Practically Functional

If you use a deep freezer to store your frozen food then you might find this clever hack of using plastic baskets to keep your frozen items sorted and tidy. These sliding baskets can easily be found at the Dollar Store and provide an easy way to access your frozen items.

dollar store organization ideas

DIY Storage Containers from Homemade Ginger

Organizing some rooms, such as a laundry room, can be hard. You can easily use Dollar Store organization containers to tidy up your laundry room. You can find all sorts of colors at the Dollar Store or even spray paint them a color you want. Add labels on them for even more organization.

dollar store organization ideas

Organize Cords with Eye Glass Cases from She Tried What

Organizing cords and knowing what items they go to can be hard to remember. One genius way to keep them untangled and organized is getting eye glass cases from the Dollar Store and then labeling them.

dollar store organization ideas

Game Organization from All For The Love of Teaching

I love this smart idea to keeping all your game pieces and cards organized for your games. Storing and organizing them into the same containers makes it easy to keep them together. You can find simple storage containers like these at any Dollar Store.

dollar store organization ideasCar Trash Can from A Bird And A Bean

I am always surprised how much trash I accumulate in my car when I decide to clean it out. I realized how useful it is to have a trash can in your car. You can easily make your own car trash can from the Dollar Store.

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