15 Cleaning Mistakes That Are Making Your Home Dirtier

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Often, we try to buy the best and toughest cleaners that are out there on the market. However, it doesn’t mean our homes are actually clean. If you aren’t using these cleaners properly then it won’t do your house any good. To save some time and effort, contact these house cleaning services for assistance.

The best way to make sure that your house will look clean and pristine is making sure you are cleaning your house in the most efficient way possible with your favorite cleaning products. Take a look below at some of the mistakes you might be making when cleaning your home. You just might find one that helps you take less time to clean!

1. Overloading Your Dishwasher

It sounds impossible but stacking dishes or putting too many utensils in the basket can impact the ability of your dishwasher to clean properly. The soap and water will have a hard time reaching areas to fully clean your dishes and the utensils. So be sure to properly load and organize your dishwasher before turning it on so you can get those nice and clean dishes!

2. Using Soap on Your Cutting Board

Soap and water don’t clean your wooden cutting boards properly, especially when it comes to raw meat. It’s best to soak it on bleach solution to prevent cross-contamination.

3. Neglecting Faucets, Handles, and Doorknobs

These are one of the biggest touch points in your home. they can especially be germy. Use disinfect wipe daily or at least several times a week if you can to keep the germs away.

4. Don’t Forget the Coffee Pot

If you enjoy a cup of coffee every morning, you might be neglecting cleaning your coffee pot. It is the perfect place for bacteria and mold to grow. So, make sure you wash each and every removeable part of it after each use.

5. Spraying Furniture with Polish

Spraying polish directly on furniture can create a build-up of the cleaning that can be hard to remove and does the opposite of cleaning. Instead, it will attract more dust. Avoid attracting more dust by spraying your cloth directly with the cleaner then rub the cloth on the surfaces.

6. Using the Same Rag

You could be overusing your cleaning cloth and spreading more germs while cleaning. While your cleaning rags might not look old and overused, it needs to either be washed after each use or replaced with a new cleaning rag. If you are replacing a new one, make sure you wash it after each use of cleaning.

7. Using a Feather Duster to Dust

A feather duster only spreads dust from one surface to another. It’s best to use a microfiber cloth instead. A microfiber cloth will grab and hold onto particles instead of spreading them.

8. Forgetting the Trash Can

If you are forgetting to clean your trash can then you might be experiencing an unpleasant odor in your kitchen. The trash can is often neglected when it comes to cleaning our homes. Try to wipe it down once a week with a cleaner that has bleach in it. This will help to keep the germs and odor at bay.

9. Not Cleaning Appliance Blades Properly

Removing the blades separately from your blenders, food processors and electric can openers is important when cleaning. It will help prevent gunk build-up for occurring.

10. Don’t Overlook Reusable Bags

Grocery bags accumulate bacteria sometimes that linger from food you get from the grocery store. Take care of the reusable bags like fabric when it comes to cleaning. Turn them inside out before tossing them into the washing machine.

11. Forgetting the Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner cant work properly if you don’t clean it out either. For a bagless vacuum you will want to empty the canister after every use. For a bag vacuum, replace it once it’s one-third full.

12. Not Cleaning Your Garbage Disposal

Always turn on your garbage disposal regularly. Leaving pieces of food down in the disposal can create an unpleasant odor. To fresh it up add crushed ice or citrus to keep the blades keep and remove odor.

13. Overlooking the Remotes

A lot of fingers have touched the remotes. Take a disinfect wipe at least once a week and get rid of those germs.

14. Not Cleaning the Dishwasher

Sometimes food will get stick in the filter of you dishwasher. This will make it smell and make it hard for your dishes and utensils to be cleaned. Once a month remove the filter. Rinse it thoroughly then run a cycle with a machine cleaner to keep your dishwasher pristine.

15. Using Too Much Laundry Detergent

We all have poured too much laundry detergent in our laundry machine, especially if the laundry is a bit extra dirty. However, pouring too much will not clean or remove the stains out of your clothes.

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