10 Time Management Tips for Moms

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Time management can be a big concern for us mothers. We can all agree that there simply isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done. Between taking the kids to their activities, household chores, and if you are a working mother, we forget to find time for ourselves.

I’ll let you know while I am a big planner and like to keep my life organized, I still become stressed out when short on time. We try to take good care of ourselves, taking care of the family, and keeping the home clean and organized. Of course, some of us want to have a career we can be proud of too. The heavy workload of being a mother can really take a toll on all of us different moms and our lives!

Learning a few time management hacks can really help us stay-at-home or working moms. Often any time management tips can help take some of that stress out of our lives so we can have more time with our family, quality time with our partners, and getting time for ourselves.

Check out these 10 Time Management Tips for Moms!

1. Get Organized with a Planner

One of the best ways that helped me get things done and organized is making a list. Making a list is the easy part but completing them can be rather tricky.

If you consider yourself to be creative start a bullet journal. You can put your to-do list in one spot. If making a bullet journal isn’t your thing, get a planner that suits you. I love one with a monthly, weekly, to-do list, and goals for the week.

2. Set Priorities and Realistic Goals

It’s easy to get overwhelmed after you have made your list. Some tasks you are needing to complete can also exhaust you to. Therefore, you need to list your tasks that take top priorities. You will also need to set realistic goals.

Tackle tasks on your to-do list that need to be done first. Completing these tasks first can really start to take the stress off your shoulders. If any of these tasks take some energy, consider doing these tasks when you have your most energy. For instance, I am a morning person, so I like to do my to-do list in the morning and by the afternoon I am ready to relax.

3. Delegate

If there are some tasks you can delegate to your children and partner, then give them a couple of tasks. It’s a great way for your children to learn how to do some of the household chores. You can break them into simple tasks and even reward them for doing them!

4. Learn When to Say No

Learning to say ‘no’ to other people can really be hard. There are many different requests that often others might ask us moms and can often overwhelm us with our own time already being filled. You don’t always have to attend every PTA meeting, chaperone all the field trips, or take any additional work projects at your workplace. Saying ‘no’ can be tough and disappoint others but if we say ‘yes’ too much sometimes can be spread too thin and still disappoint others. Learning to say ‘no’ will help you set boundaries and help your children know how to set their own boundaries as they become adults.

5. Think Ahead

Looking for ways to cut the amount of time you are getting ready can help you have more time. Prepare as much as you can for the morning the night before. Maybe evens et the table for the next meal with the dishes you load from the dishwasher. Look at your daily routine to see what else you can do.

6. Establish a Routine

Routines can really help you manage your time and save you a lot of energy and stress. Creating a weekly dinner menu and chore chart are some of the things that can really help with you stop feeling overwhelmed. You won’t have to think about what is for dinner each night or when you last mopped the floor. Once you establish a routine, you will have a free mind to focus on other tasks, relaxing, or spending time with the family.

7. Learn to be Flexible

While having a routine and planned schedule for your life is great, it is important to remember that unexpected things do happen. You might have an unexpected day with picking up a sick kid from school or a public meltdown from your toddler at the store. Keeping things flexible in your schedule to give you time to handle the unexpected and take the stress out of these kind of moments from throwing off your whole day and even your week.

8. Separate Career and Mom Responsibilities

Leaving parental responsibilities at home when you are at work can help a lot with your time management. When you walk in the door after work, put on your “mom” cap and leave your job tasks at the workplace.

If your job requires you to take work home, then try completing these tasks after your children are in bed. If you are working from home, make sure there is an end to your work. Close your home office door and leave work.

Learning to be present and mindful of whatever role you are currently in can really help you balance your work and motherhood responsibilities.

9. Make Extras

One way to save you time, especially with cooking dinner for your weekly family meals is always doubling (even tripling) the recipe. Freeze the extras for later family meals. You can even use paper plates and plastic utensils if you are running late and need something simple.

10. Keeping Everything in Its Place

One of the biggest time-wasters I have found is looking for lost items. I’ve spent countless hours and wasted time looking for items I am needing right away. Make sure things are put away after use has helped me find them and use them when I am in a hurry to get out the door.

What are some of your time management tips you use to help manage your time? Share them below in the comments with us!

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