10 Things Frugal People Don’t Do But Should

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Frugal living is something we all aspire to live by. We all try to be less wasteful and more resourceful with the life we are living. Living a lifestyle that is more simple can sometimes leave us to live more happily with less.

However, our frugal lifestyles all look different.

Some of us might be trying to work towards accumulating wealth while others might not be. You may prefer to get your finances paid off before you start working towards saving money for present time or early retirement. Living the lifestyle of frugal is personal and that’s when you decide what is right for you and your family.

Whether what type of frugal lifestyle you are living, no matter your income, spending, or goals, there are just a few things that most frugal people don’t do. Check out these 10 things frugal people don’t do but should.

1. Avoid buying from vending machines

Vending machine food is not only nutritionally empty, but the prices are grossly inflated. We have all been there where we might have forgotten our lunch or need a snack without packing some food. However, it’s important to avoid the vending machines when we can.

You can do this by starting a meal plan and embrace those quick packed lunches. Doing this includes saving you money, but also becoming healthier!

2. Cut back on the paper waste

It’s easy to simply waste paper. However, it’s something that can be easily done. Start by recycling the paper and using scrap paper when you can. Save the nicer paper for when you really need it. Look for “used” paper for everyday printing if you can too.

3. Ditch the cable TV packages

Along with these packages comes hefty bills. There are a lot of frugal options out there, such as Amazon Instant Video, Hulu Plus, and Netflix. You can even have a combination of these too!

4. Shop at the warehouse stores

Warehouse stores are always convenient, but they are not always the best deals. Your local grocery stores may run sales on items at better prices than your warehouses. Be sure to check out their deals before heading to the warehouse stores.

However, there are healthier food options sometimes at warehouse stores, such as Costco. Some of their prices can be unbeatable and you might find items that you can’t get anywhere else.

5. Pay attention to sales

Some people might have a hard time ignoring all the sales going on around them, especially when are looking for a certain deal. If you can ignore all the marketing going on than you can definitely save a bundle on the item you are wanting to get a deal on.

Be sure to pay attention to any of the sales cycles, utilizing extra saving coupons, and keeping yourself focused on shopping will have a big impact on your budget.

6. Keep your produce fresh

I am certainly guilty of letting my produce go bad before I even eat it. Often, the produce gets shoved to the back and forgotten. Only later, when cleaning out the fridge, do I discover the produce gone bad that I should have used for dinner.

Whatever it takes, do not let the fresh produce go to waste! It’s important to implement serious meal strategies. It takes less than 10 minutes to plan your meals out for the week. Meal planning will not only save you money, but also help you learn to be more frugal.

7. Eat all your leftovers

Yes, guilty here again. Letting go of leftovers is also like throwing money down the drain too.

Try to bring leftovers to the front of the bridge to remind yourself to eat them. you may even want to plan meals for the next day to use the leftovers in.

8. Use your freezer to the maximum

Once you start using freeze meals you will realize just how much money you will save. Pop a freezer meal into the oven instead of going out to eat. You will not only save a ton of money, but also eat healthier!

9. Spending money on value

No matter how frugal you might want to be, it’s important to remember that things are sometimes worth spending money on. It can be purchasing a new tool for the home or better quality beauty items for yourself. Whatever it might be, make sure the product is well worth and banish your guilty conscious away!

10. Don’t buy into expensive presents

There is no shame in gifting second-hand gifts. Often our kids have loved the second-hand items we have given them throughout the years. However, when we purchase gifts, it’s important to buy them throughout the year when their prices are often rock-bottom. Keep an eye out for those prices throughout the year!

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