10 Last Minute Appetizers and Side Dishes You Can Make Easily

What’s for dinner?

It’s usually an easy question to answer, but it gets more trickier when it gets to appetizers and side dishes.

Sometimes it feels like the options are limited, especially if you are running low on time and want something that is still quick and healthy.

Thankfully there are some great appetizers and side dishes out there that are quick and easy to get together for unexpected drop-in company, attending a gathering, or just for dinner for the family.

Try one of these 10 Last Minute Appetizers and Side Dishes You Can Make Easily!

Beefy Queso Skillet Dip from Betty Crocker

An easy beefy queso dip that is loaded with lots of flavors. It comes together quickly and easily.

Garlic Parmesan Roasted Broccoli from Damn Delicious

A quick 5-minute recipe that is delicious with garlic and parmesan together.

Ham and Cheese Pizza-Roll Ups from Eatwell101

Perfect for a quick dinner side dish, snack for the kids, or appetizer for a party.

Pull-Apart Crescent Meatball Sliders from Pillsbury

Delicious pull-apart meatball sliders are come together easily!

Black Bean Dip from Garlic & Zest

Loaded with fresh veggies in a black bean dip that can either be made spicy or mild as you would like.

Garlic Oven Fries from Betty Crocker

If you love crispy and delicious fries, try these quick garlic oven fries. Perfect for an app or side!

Party Franks from Taste from Home

A tiny and tangy app that is perfect for any gathering or even a side dish at home.

Honey Glazed Baby Carrots from Damn Delicious

A pleasant and sweet flavor to these carrots when you cook them together. This side dish takes 15 minutes.

Easy Microwave Mashed Potatoes from The Spruce Eats

These mashed potatoes come together fast and easily. They are quickly cooked and prepared in the microwave and with milk, butter, and delicious seasonings found within your home.

Best Simple Tossed Green Salad from Creme De La Crumb

Toss together a salad that is simple to put together with your favorite and tasty ingredients!

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