10 Fun Ways to Spend Time with Your Teen on the Weekends

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As a mom of teenagers, I found out it can be hard to find ways to spend time with my teens. A lot of them have outgrown the simple childhood activities we used to do to get some quality time together. Now it feels like there are a lot more family activities they aren’t interested in.

It began to feel like my teenage kids wanted to be with their friends rather than their family. When I discovered that our quality time together was slipping away, I needed to act fast. I had to change what sort of activities I did with my teenage kids to break away from the cycle of boredom they associated with when being with the family.

The weekend is a perfect time I found to spend time with my teens. It’s a great time to get them engaged and keep them entertained instead of being cooped up in their bedrooms or out with their friends only.

Check out these 10 Fun Ways to Spend Time with Your Teen on the Weekends!

1. Go Out for a Meal

Going out for a meal can be a fun way to get your teenager to socialize with you. It’s a great way to enjoy a delicious meal and have some good conversation. The choice of where you go to have your meal doesn’t have to be expensive. You can even let your teenager decide where to go for a meal out of the house.

2. Have Fun at a Theme Park

Theme parks are a fun activity that can be thrilling for everyone in the family. You can ride the fastest rides or get wet from head to toe if you go to a water park. It will be a fun day full of excitement so make sure you bring the right clothing. You might be able to save on tickets with a student or teen discount.

3. Go Roller Skating

Roller skating can be a fun and relaxing activity to do with your teen. You can do it either outside if you have your own roller skates or go to a roller skate arena that is indoors. It’s great body activity to get your teens active if they tend to stay indoors a lot too. If your teen is a beginner, then maybe it’s a fun way to teach your son or daughter something new.

4. Cook Something Together

Cooking is a fun activity that everyone can love doing. It’s another great way to teach your teen a life-long skill if they don’t already know some basics about cooking. You can cook something new together, your teen’s favorite meal or dessert, or introduce your teenager to your favorite recipe! The options to cook something are endless.

5. Step into Your Teen’s Shoes

There might be a handful of things you know nothing about that your teenage son or daughter enjoys. Take a step into their world and find out what they enjoy. You might learn something new that you enjoy!

If your teenager likes video games, try playing a video game together. Let your teen teach you about it or show you something new they like doing.

6. Do Something Nice for Others

Doing something for others can really help shape and improve your own relationship with your teens. You can make a meal for a friend or volunteer for a community service project or organization. It can open conversations and giving you and your teen time to talk. Your teen can also learn the value in helping others and doing a good deed.

7. Go Hiking Together

There is nothing better than going together to the great outdoors. Travel to your nearest hiking trail for a fun-filled day. If you aren’t near any hiking trails, you can always go on a nice walk in your hometown. Getting outside is a great way to spend time with your teen and have quality time together.

8. Have a Game Night

Family game nights might not be something your teen loves anymore, but if you step it up a notch and make it a competitive night with family and friends, they you might just catch their attention. Serve some smacks too.

9. Watch a Movie Together

Watch a movie together. You can watch all sorts of different films, such as art, foreign, and old. Discuss the movies after. You might just find out your teen has a passion for critiquing movies. You also might find yourself quoting the movies to each other afterwards.

10. Play a Sport

If there is a sport you or your teen love, go out and play it together! You don’t have to be professional about it. You can just kick around the soccer ball, throw the football, catch the baseball. It’s fun to just kick or throw around the ball and spend time together. Afterwards you can go out and get a treat together.

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