10 Fun Activities To Do With Your Teenagers On Friday Nights

fun friday teenagers activities

Friday nights together with the family are a thing of the past when your little one is finally a teenager. Of course, you want your teen to have fun with their friends, but you also want to continue spending family time with them too!

Weekends are often full of plans for teenagers to hang out with their friends. Friday nights are eagerly awaited with some fun activities planned too for your teen with their friends. But if you want to get some time to spend with your teen then you need to get some Friday night teen-approved activities!

Check out these 10 fun activities you can do with your teenagers on Friday nights. Some of these can even include their friends (giving you a chance to get to know their friends more) or just having some great fun with the family.

1. Go Shopping

A fun activity to do on a Friday night with your teens is shopping! You can treat your kids to a new outfit or piece of clothing they might have been wanting for a while now. Invite their teen friends to come along to go shopping too. You can even have dinner at the mall or a nearby restaurant.

2. Warm Up by the Bonfire

A bonfire is perfect for any time of the year. Invite your teenager’s friends over for some fun too. You can tell scary stories, play games, and enjoy some delicious s’mores.

3. Play Mini-Golf

Playing mini-golf is always bound to be a good time for anyone. You can play inside or outside so if the weather is warm or cold playing mini-golf is always a fun go-to activity.

4. Watch a Movie Together

Looking for an activity to do at home on a Friday night with your teen? Try watching a movie with them. It can be one of your favorites or a new one you both have been wanting to see. Don’t forget to bring some snacks!

5. Go Bowling

Bowling is another fun and easy activity to go do and have fun at. Be sure to get their early to get enough lanes if your teenager brings some of their friends along.

6. Enjoy a Home Spa

If you and your teenager are needing some pampering, try having a at-home spa night on Friday. You can do manicures, mud masks, and other fun spa activities. You and your teen will feel fresh and relaxed afterwards!

7. Throw a Pizza Party

There is no saying “no” to pizza ever! Throw a pizza party on your next Friday night for some fun. Make them right in your home if you can. You can try making something new or make your favorites. If you can’t make one at home, order from your local pizzeria!

8. Have a Game Night

Family game nights might not be something your teen loves anymore, but if you step it up a notch and make it a competitive night with family and friends, they you might just catch their attention. Serve some smacks too.

9. Jump Around

Trampoline parks are one of the greatest places to go to. Teens love them too! It’s a fun hangout time and a great way to let some energy out. You even might find yourself having some fun too!

10. Let Them Choose

If you are looking for some more ideas, ask your teen what they would like to do as long as it’s within reason. You might learn something you never knew that your teen liked to do or something new you might enjoy too.

What are some fun activities you do with your teenagers on a Friday night? Let us know in the comments below!

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