Making Room Parent Signup Less Daunting

As parents, we all want to stay involved in our kids lives as much as we are able and that includes the classroom. The idea of volunteering and staying active in your child’s classroom may sound ideal but can also feel overwhelming. Between running to soccer practice, keeping your little humans fed and bathed, and tucked in bed, life is already pretty full. It seems like more and more parents are shying away from the room parent sign up and for a lot of parents, this is because of the time commitment involved. There’s a lot that goes into organizing a party for 20+ kids. With this in mind, Room Party Parent was created to give precious time back to busy parents like you while still throwing one heck of a party for the kids!
Room Party Parent is a small business providing ideas and pre-made party kits for elementary school class parties. They provide the ideas and allow you to throw a great party without a lot of extra planning. Think fun Fall crafts, playfully spooky Halloween decorations and fun actives to match your child’s age group. Each box is thoughtfully crafted for you with four small group station activities, including a take home craft, and one full class activity. These activities are all themed to typical classroom celebrations such as Fall, Halloween, Winter, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. The only thing not supplied in the party kit is the treat or snack for the party. Instructions and how-to videos are available on their website, making it a breeze for you to prepare, set up, and lead your parties.

By requesting just a few dollars per parent up front, Room Party Parent is also a budget friendly way to party plan. With everyone chipping in, you can all work together to give your kids memorable classroom celebrations without all the extra work. Now your ready to take on the room parent challenge without all the hassle.

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Disclaimer: I have teamed up with Room Party Parent in support of this campaign. We received compensation for participation in this campaign. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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