8 Hacks To Spruce Up Your Cleaning Routine

cleaning hacks routine

I love having a clean home. However, cleaning is one of my least household chores to do!

I’m always trying to look for the latest cleaning hacks and trying them out to see if these hacks really work. After being a homeowner for many years now, I have come across some amazing cleaning hacks that have helped me reduce my time when it comes to cleaning.

If cleaning is one of your least favorite household chores, then you need to check out these hacks that will spruce up your cleaning routine!

1. Microwave

The microwave is heavily used within my home, so I am always trying to keep it clean. You can place a bowl of water (2-3 cups) mixed with lemon juice (2-3 tbsp.) into your microwave on high for 2-3 minutes. Leave it inside the microwave for 10 minutes. This will help loosen all the splattered food. Then use a warm damp cloth to wipe away the food particles. The microwave will be clean and smell amazing!

2. Refrigerator

Remove any spoiler food daily when you have time. Each week wipe down the interior with baking soda. This will also help eliminate any odors leftover from food that has spoiled and left a nasty smell behind.

3. Oven

Take a few moments on a night you are not using the oven to cook. Spray the inside of the oven with oven cleaner. After dinner you can wipe the dirt and grim away from the oven. You could also wipe it the next day too.

4. Toilet

Pour toilet cleaner into the toilet bowl while you wipe down the exterior of the toilet. Letting the toilet cleaner sit while you do this will help loosen dirt and stains. As well, you should purchase drop-in toilet cleaners or continuous-release gel to reduce cleaning your toilet often.

5. Windows and Mirrors

Use vinegar to clean your windows and mirrors. It’s inexpensive and an easy cleaner that will also shine the surface. It’s best to do this on an overcast day as it will prevent streaking and extra rubbing.

6. Clutter

Make time to organize a pile of items you are no longer using. Decide if you can donate the item or toss them away. Put items you are using into labeled bins to keep everything organized.

7. Dusting

When it comes to horizontal surfaces, you will want to dust from top to bottom. This will prevent dust from settling where you have already wiped.

8. Laundry

You can teach your children to do their own laundry or how to do the family’s laundry once they are old enough. Write down instructions that are easy to follow. Let the kids put their own laundry away as well.

What are some of your shortcuts when it comes to your cleaning routine? We would love to hear about your hacks. Share them in the comments with us below!

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