5 Places to Find Cheap Clothing for Kids

cheap clothing for kids

As fast as our kids grow, it feels like we are running a face through different sizes of clothing in a very short time. You might be spending a lot of money on new clothing for your kids, but then tossing them away to only buy them more new clothes in larger sizes. This can really be a problem when it comes to your finances but Flyp has a solution for you.

It also doesn’t make sense to keep spending a bunch of money on new clothing that our kids are only wearing for a short amount of time. I used to hold onto my older kids clothing just because I felt I was spending too much money on purchasing new clothes. Thankfully, there are plenty of resources you can use so you can hang onto your money and find cheap or even FREE clothing for your kids.

Check out these 5 places to find cheap clothing for your kids!

1. Mom Groups

Mom groups are a great way to connect to other moms in your current location. You get a wonderful network for play days, advice, and more. It is even an excellent sources for getting cheap or free clothing for your kids. You can swap clothing a couple times a year when the kids have outgrown their clothing.

2. Facebook Yard Sale Groups

Facebook is another great source to find second-hand kids’ clothing. You’ll be surprised how many groups out there are dedicated to selling their kids’ clothing. Your town might even have their own group to do so!

All you need to do is search the bar at the top of the Facebook website. Try using your city’s name and “yard sale”, “sale group”, and “buy sell trade”. You may have to request to join these groups. Most groups also have a set of rules when it comes to posting sales. Be sure to read the rules.

cheap clothing for kids

3. Thrift Stores

There are a lot of great treasures you can find at thrift stores, including cheap clothing for kids. Drop by your local thrift store to see what has come in. Thrift stores are often getting loads of donations in so be sure to check it out once a week or biweekly. Some thrift stores might even have sales, coupons, or loyalty programs. Just ask the employees working there before you check out!

You can also try online thrift stores. You can send in your kids outgrown clothes for shop credit to most of these stores. They will put up these items and then have them for sale on their website. Most of the time these websites have search bars where you can quickly find brands, sizes, and types of clothing you are looking for. Check out ThredUp, Schoola, and Swap to find thrifty clothing online for your kids.

4. Kids’ Consignment Sales

Consignment sales for kids clothing is another great resource to use. I love these stores because you don’t have to dig through it all. Most of the time they are picky about what they accept and usually take clothing during the current season. The prices of clothing do tend to be a bit higher than thrift stores or yard sales, but it will be still a fraction of what you are paying at retail store prices. Check out Consignment Sale Finder to find a local consignment store near you.

5. eBay

An easy way to find deals on new or used clothing is eBay. This website is great if you are after certain brands that fit your kids or looking for something specific. A perk about using eBay is that you can save your searches, so next time you are looking you can check if a new item has been added sine you last looked. It will just be right under the “My eBay” tab.

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