Why Cruises are a Great Option for Group Travel

Organizing group travel can feel daunting when you’re trying to accommodate so many varied interests and personalities. Then again, it can also present an opportunity to create the best trip possible and make everyone happy.

After all, cruising provides both structure and flexibility to a vacation. And, according to a report by the Cruise Lines International Association, travelers who take a cruise are 40 percent more likely to travel with friends, companions or children than their land-based peers.

The rise in group cruising isn’t a surprise when you consider all the reasons it’s a great option for any occasion.

You can Curate a Group Adventure

Embarking on an adventure is a thrill but can be challenging to coordinate on your own. If that’s the case with your travel group, your options just got a bit easier. Instead of a trip to the tropics, many vacation seekers are choosing Alaska cruises or other adventurous locations with varied options for everyone in your group.

The cruise line can help figure out the best experiences for your group, like bear watching, salmon fishing and a visit to some of the country’s best national parks. And if your idea of adventure looks different than someone else in your group, you can always split up for a day of fun.

Plan ahead and accommodate what everyone wants to do from hiking to kayaking, meet up later for dinner onboard, and trade stories with a champagne toast to the day.

A Cruise Accommodates Multiple Occasions

Have a 50th anniversary to celebrate for the grandparents? Celebrating a wedding and want to streamline the logistics from lodging to venue? Want to get everyone together for a family reunion? Whatever the occasion, a cruise can accommodate celebrations of all sizes. Work with the cruise line in advance to plan a wedding or party for your group and experience luxury in style, from the best cabins to onboard entertainment and dining.

You Could Save Yourself a Bundle

One of the best parts about cruising is you can splurge and have a decadent luxury vacation or stick to a budget-friendly option. Cruises frequently offer flash sales, free cruising for kids, special promotions and off-season discounts to various destinations in order to accommodate more people in your group.

One couple can upgrade to a balcony room with all the perks, while someone else can choose smaller accommodations and a basic package to stick to their budget.

Everyone Eats What They Want

Ask group travelers about their biggest stressors and they will likely say deciding on meals for everyone. Kids and picky eaters can find what they want on a cruise, while others may be looking for new and innovative cuisine. Cruises offer varied menus, onboard restaurants and choices ranging from favorite fried delights to healthy and fresh options. Your group can also pick and choose cruise packages that include alcoholic beverages and unique dining options.

Be as Together (or Apart) as You Desire

Sure, the point of group travel is to get together and bond. However, there’s such a thing as too much togetherness. Instead of renting a vacation home or camping out under the stars, book a cruise instead. Your group can meet up for meals, embark on a shore excursion together, and try on-board activities like cooking classes or wine tasting.

Doing a lot of nothing together and relaxing by the ship’s pool or spa is also a welcome way to bond together. A cruise allows you to be together when you want and apart when you need a little downtime to yourself.

Start Planning an Adventure of a Lifetime

Whether you’re headed on an Alaskan adventure or just want to relax, cruises are a flexible vacation option for just about anyone, including group travelers. Find something for everyone on a cruise and start planning your next group adventure together.

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