How To Plan A Surprise Birthday Party

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Surprise kids birthday parties can really be great for the honoree and guests. However, planning the surprised party can be a daunting task when it comes to planning. There are a lot of parts when it comes to planning and collaborating ideas together to throw a great surprise party.

You’ll want to organize a few basic details first, such as what the guest of honor would enjoy. Keeping the party, a secret while giving the guests enough information can be tough, so you will need a solid plan that isn’t easily leaked, if you feel the need for extra help you can hire a Birthday Party Event Center, to come and organize and plan everything.

Check out how to plan a surprise birthday party!

What is the budget?

If you are hosting a surprise party, you want to consider the budget. Set a budget first before anything else when planning the surprise party. When planning and getting everything together, try to keep within the budget.

Choose a theme

Try to pick something that the guest of honor will really like. You can ask mutual friends for ideas as well. If it’s for a young boy or girl, consider a favorite of theirs. If it’s for an older honoree, try a person’s favorite hobby or interest.

Set the date and time

Make sure you pick a good day that the guest of honor is free. You try planning it around lunch or dinner and have them meet you at the location.

Pick the location

The location of the surprise party is up to you. You can have it at a friend’s house or go out at a venue. If you go to an outside location, have the honoree meet you there. They will surely be surprised when they see all their friends.

The guests

Decides how many people that will want to have at the party and think about the guest of honor’s personality. Consider the fact that the guest of honor might prefer a small or larger party of guests.

Send out invitations

You will want to send out the surprise party information a month or more in advance. It can be a mailed invite or in another sort of form, such as social media to invite guests. Remind everyone in the invitations that this is a surprise party. Have the guest arrive 30 minutes to an hour earlier than the guest of honor. Make sure the guest of honor marks their calendar too for the event. Choose whatever excuse you can think of to get them there!

Choose the food

Deciding what king of food that should be at the party can be simple. Just choose what the guest of honor would like to eat best. Don’t forget to serve drinks and dessert. Match the food to the theme and time of the party. Some guests may expect a meal if the party is around lunch or dinner time. If the party is around mid-afternoon then you could serve just drinks, appetizers, and desserts.

I hope we haven’t disappointed anyone so far (and if we haven’t yet, there’s always next year!), but here’s the thing. It’s got to be smaller, more special and more doable. For me, if I am throwing the party one thing that I am certain will be a hit among the adults and would help keep things simple and doable would be ordering box lunch catering. This would certainly help us ensure our birthday party rules are followed.

Keeping the party a surprise

The easiest way to keep the party a surprise to the honoree is to plan a different event they know about. You can have a designated person be the chosen chaperone to invite the honoree out to an activity or wherever the party is located. If the party is planned at their home, have the chaperone take them out for an activity, such as shopping or movie. Make it something fun so they don’t want to go home early. You will want to make sure the guest of honor feels appropriately dressed for the occasion.

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