Helping Your Teen Deal With Stress

It is back to school time. For most people, parents and students alike, that means stress. Lots of it. Whether it’s the stress of an upcoming school year with its social and educational pressures or the stress of all the shopping that needs to be done before the first day of school, there is plenty of stress to go around. It might feel like you’re the only one struggling with stress. But you’re not alone.

FIVE STAR® is in year three of their “Strength Not Stress” campaign to show teens that they are not alone when it comes to stress, and there is a community of people who share the same worries. Whether it’s the academic pressure, peer pressure, or social anxieties, there is a lot on all of our minds. The goal is to encourage teens to get behind causes they believe in and transform this into a powerful unified message of hope and inspiration for the back to school season. That’s something we all need and we can do it together. 

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FIVE STAR® is also helping out by relieving a lot of the stress of back to school shopping by offering a full line of back to school products that are as strong as our students – and they are backed by a lasts all year, guarantee*! Like the Five Star Flex® Hybrid Notebinder® that acts like a notebook and works like a binder. The flexible plastic cover folds over to lie flat like a notebook, while the patented TechLock® rings open easily, so students can add paper and dividers – just like a binder. Inside the Five Star Flex® are pocket dividers that provide built-in organization and paper storage. The rings are flexible, but won’t break or misalign. The Five Star Flex® is adaptable enough to meet the organizational and notetaking requirements of all students.


Whatever you need, Five Star® has you covered! And if that wasn’t enough, Five Star® is offering a 10% discount and free shipping to 24/7 Moms readers by using this link: ( Let’s face it, we all have a lot on our minds and the last thing we need is a lot of intense and overwhelming back to school shopping for products that won’t last. With their free online shipping and special discount, you can avoid some of that extra stress by shopping at home in your PJs. So what are you waiting for! Choose school supplies that are built strong, just like our students.

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*Guarantee good for one year from date of purchase and does not cover misuse or abuse.

Disclaimer: I have teamed up with Five Star® in support of this campaign. We received compensation for participation in this campaign. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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