6 Tips for Writing a Memorable and Thoughtful Thank You Note

thank you note

Writing someone a thank you note can be daunting.

You may not know what to include or what tone to use. Your thanks is genuine, but how can you get that across in a simple thank you card?

There are a few things to remember when learning how to write a thank you note. Here are six tips to help make it easier.

1. Choose a Card They’ll Love

The first thing you’ll have to do is select a card or paper.

A sincere thank you card can be written on notebook paper, but the card receiver would probably appreciate a note that’s more tailored to them. Putting in a little extra effort also shows how well you know the person!

Select a thank you card that matches their interests or aesthetic preference to really stand out!

2. Draft Out Your Response

You want to make sure you address everything you need to say, so brainstorming ideas or making an outline will help you stay focused.

Your note should be long enough to convey your appreciation, but short enough that it won’t intimidate the recipient. It may take a few tries to get it right.

3. Be Specific

When writing the actual thank you card, you need to show your gratitude first and then state what you are thanking them for. You can then include how their gift or act of kindness helped you.

4. Handwritten Beats Digital

In the age of technology, it’s easy to send out a quick email or shoot someone a Facebook message.

Don’t do this.

A handwritten note takes more time and shows you put more thought and effort into your thank you card.

Try to handwrite the note if you can – only type your note if your handwriting is truly illegible. There’s something more personal about receiving a handwritten letter.

5. Make It Personal

Whether you’re thanking a loved one for a gift or an act of kindness, you want to mention something they did that you appreciate.

Mention to your loved one how the gift was a perfect fit for you and how much thought they must have put into choosing it. Tell your friend you’re grateful for offering to host game night.

Adding details will keep it from seeming impersonal.

6. Reinforce the Friendship

To let them know they’re important to you, mention seeing your loved one again in the future or let them know you’ve been thinking of them. You could also mention something that has happened in their life since their act of kindness.

Just add a line to let them know you appreciate more than their material gift or favor. You also appreciate their friendship.

A Thank You Note They’ll Love

You want to send a thank you note as memorable as their gift or act of kindness. Sending one immediately will keep the thank-you relevant and come off as a sincere gesture.

Be sure to check back regularly for party and gift ideas for every occasion!

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