5 Back to School Celebration Ideas

There is always a lot of celebrating when it comes to the end of the school year. We doesn’t love celebrating the end of school? Everyone loves a good celebration, especially to welcome summer. Schools sometimes even throw the end of the school year parties.

What about those end of the summer and back to school parties? They can also be so much fun!

I’ve always loved the idea of having a back to school party. Either with just my kids or inviting their friends over for a fun celebration. There are plenty of fun ways you can celebrate.

Check out these back to school party ideas!

1. Backpack-Stuffing Party

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School supplies can be pretty expensive these days. It sometimes can put a strain on a family’s budget. If your family is well off, and you have friends that can help other families out, throw a backpack-stuffing party for the kids.

Guests can bring different items you have on the school supplies list. You’ll want to provide backpacks, either new or gently used, and set up an assembly line for the kids to fill their bags with. You can let the kids play and eat afterward.

If you want, you can deliver backpacks to local programs that help kids in need for school supplies. Be sure to call these organizations ahead of time to see if they need specific supplies for boys or girls.

2. School-Themed Party

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A school-themed party is a fun way to get everyone ready for the school year. You can have the party around lunchtime and serve the food in brown paper bags. Ideas for food include sandwiches, cartons of milk, and red apples! For dessert provide apple-theme, such as caramel apples, school shaped cake, or cupcakes.

Decorate the party with chalkboards, globes, textbooks, and school supplies. You can play traditional games such as tag, foursquare, kickball, hop-scotch, and dodgeball.

3. Backyard Campout

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Nothing sounds more fun by ending the summer with a backyard campout. You’ll need tents, air mattresses, sleeping bags, and other camping gear. Serve hot dogs, hamburgers, fruit and vegetables, and chips. Don’t forget the s’mores!

For a fun activity, set up an outdoor movie theater and play a movie with a school setting, such as High School Musical.

4. Fashion Show

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If you do some back to school cloth shopping for the school year, why not have a fashion show?

Invite family and friends over for the fashion show. You’ll want to set up a catwalk or designate an area. Turn down the lights low. Play some fun music.

Serve water bottles, cut fruit and vegetables. You can also serve sandwiches, such as tea sandwiches, and cut-out cookies.

5. Make Your Own Back to School Tradition

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If you are wanting to have your very own back to school tradition, then we have some ideas for you!

  • Make a scrapbook together for the up and coming school year. You can create the first few pages and leave the book blank so it can be filled out during the school year.
  • Serve a special meal on the first day of school. Breakfast is a great idea on the first day, or you can choose to go out to your family’s favorite restaurant for dinner.

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