4 Things to Do to Keep Your Marriage Strong After Having a Baby

Love. Marriage. Kids.

These three words can change your life forever. You likely have experience similar trails of ups, downs, highs, and lows. These little humans have surrounded you and dictated your every move, thought, and action. Sometimes making your marriage great or feel like everything is failing.

You likely both have been in a good place. The best of places in your relationship together. Then you have those moments of being in a bad place together. By now you both have probably noticed a pattern of what works in your relationship together and what helps you be in that good place.

All the hard work you have put in has made you a strong couple now. These are the 4 things that have helped make my marriage stronger with my husband after we had our kids. It still continues to make our partnership stronger.

1. Communicate

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I cannot stress this enough in any relationship—communication is absolutely the most important thing in your relationship. Sometimes there can be barriers when it comes to communication but getting beyond those barriers is so imperative.

Take the time to communicate to each other about EVERYTHING. Discuss things about bother you or upset you. Explain why they do. Talk about the things that you love about each other. Tell each other what you enjoy and don’t enjoy when it comes to intimacy.

Definitely discuss your parenting styles, especially if you are planning to have kids or do have kids. Everyone parents differently and has something alternative in mind when they become a parent. Try and discuss these things as differing situations arise.

Make sure to make the time to talk to each other. No matter if your eyes are heavy and you are tired.

2. Intimacy

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Intimacy between you and your partner is important. It’s definitely something you need to keep alive in your marriage when having kids. It will help those moments you both are feeling stressful as well. Make it a top priority and work on it and have intimate moments together whenever you can.

3. Battles

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Pick your battles. Not every single one. You will need to decide when you need to speak up or just shrug it off. Not everything is worth a battle, but there are some arguments that need to be talked out and finding a solution.

4. Adventures

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Don’t ever give up your adventures. Take a trip together. In fact, bring your children too! Seek out small adventures in your daily life. You can go on nearby adventures such as seeing something in your local town or close by cities.

Make sure you have dates with each other regularly. It can be every other week or a couple nights a month. Change it up a bit by doing something fun instead of just a dinner and a movie. Read our 17 Cheap Dates for Couples and 10 Unique Date Night Ideas for Couples!

What are some ways you have kept your marriage strong with your partner after having a baby? Share below in the comments with us!

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