10 Fun Birthday Party Themes for Girls

Your little girl’s birthday is here. She is growing up so fast! These moments come fast and are so precious.

Whether your girl is having her first birthday, or she is becoming a teenager, you will want to make sure her birthday celebration is special. There are endless ideas for birthday themes so it can be hard to decide where you should start planning.

Planning a birthday celebration is such a fun time. From the frosted birthday cake to finding the perfect decorations, there is a lot of work that needs to be done.

The place I always start first is asking my kids what theme they want for their birthday party. If they don’t have any ideas, then we got you covered with some fun themes for your daughter’s birthday celebration.

Young Girl Birthday Party Themes

1. Alice in Wonderland
Idea from Krown Kreations & Celebrations

A classic story and loved Disney character is the perfect theme for your little girl’s birthday. You can decorate the party with all sorts of different decors easily with this theme. I love the idea of using “Eat me” or “drink me” labels on the food and drink.

2. Pink and Gold
Idea from Catch My Party

Pink and gold are a perfect color combination, especially for a little girl’s birthday party. These two colors combined together make it easy to decorate, get the perfect cake, and find invitations. Use decorations like balloons, confetti, and flowers. You can even dress your little girl in pink or gold outfit to match the theme.

3. Butterfly
Idea from The Spruce

Butterflies are a cute choice for a theme. They are dainty and sweet. Check out these ideas for a Butterfly theme party for your little girl.

4. Mermaid Party
Idea from Kara’s Party Ideas

If your little girl loves mermaids then this is the perfect birthday party idea. You can host the birthday party in your backyard if you have a pool or a place that will let you rent the pool for a couple hours.

Tween Girl Birthday Party Themes

5. Slumber Party
Idea from The Little Things

A slumber party is a fun party idea for a tween girl. She can invite all of her friends over. Have everyone come in their pajamas. Serve a variety of sweet and healthy snacks. You can play movies along with serving popcorn. If the friends are spending the night, you can make pancakes for breakfast.

6. Candy Shop
Image Credit

A candy theme birthday party is perfect for a tween who loves candy. Have your tween choose any candy they want to eat at the party. Decorate the party with candy colors, such as pink, blue, green, red, and white. Place all different kinds of candies out in jars or bowls.

7. Ice Cream
Idea from Moms & Munchkins

Throw an ice cream party for your tween. It comes with delicious ice cream, their favorite toppings, and a great time with their friends. Put together an ice cream buffet with a variety of different ice cream flavors, different toppings, and different cones and bowls. Check out this Ice Cream Buffet for some ideas.

Teenage Girl Birthday Party Themes

8. Pool Party
Idea from Party City

If your son has a summer birthday, host a pool party theme. It’s the perfect way to cool of for the summer. You can decorate with blue colors. Bring pool materials such as floaties and diving items.

9. Spa Party
Idea from The TomKat Studio Blog

If your little girl is becoming a tween, host a spa party with all of her girlfriends. You can give each of the girls a fun face mask and paint their nails. Check out Spa Birthday Party for some other fun ideas!

10. Cupcake Wars


Idea from MomOf6

If your daughter loves baking or cupcakes, then you can have a cupcake war theme for her birthday. Let the birthday girl be the judge and have the rest of the girls split up into teams. The guests will then decorate the cupcakes. Give out different prizes for the winners.

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