Nomadic Families: Is It Possible and How You Can Do It Too?

The idea of giving up a happy homelife and swapping a set of house keys for RV ones is a daunting prospect for families. Whilst it’s certainly a proven idea that works well, it’s not without its challenges.

In this article, we look at how a sticks and bricks family can transform into one that moves on wheels and fits sightseeing and business life into their routine. 

Start by Renting and Taking Short Trips

Before diving into RVing full-time, take short trips. You can rent an rv to take a planned journey, bring the kids along and go away for 2-4 weeks. This is a long enough time for the trip to feel like more than just a vacation, and it will get everyone accustomed to what it’s like to not have a fixed address anymore. 

When you decide to rent an rv, it is much simpler that buying a used one because you’re not dealing with regular breakdowns and a host of other issues associated with older RVs. This leaves you free to focus on travel, creating new work routines and managing the kids’ schedules too. If either you or the kids aren’t able to adapt to this new life, then you’re going to know it in the first few weeks. 

Create a Space for Each Child

At first, each child will find it difficult to adjust to not having their own room if that’s what they’re used to. The best you can probably do is a designated seat or space in the RV that’s all their own. 

They may even want to create their own nook just for them. This is necessary for them to adjust to different living conditions and to accept things as they are now. Interfering with this process isn’t likely to end well. Calls of “I want to go home” are likely to soon follow if you do not allow them to make the RV feel like home.

Figure Out Mobile Internet

When you’re on the road, you’re going to need mobile internet. 

It is possible to stop in at Starbucks or use McDonald’s internet while grabbing breakfast but this isn’t a practical solution. Most RV parks, national parks or boondocking spots in the desert won’t have decent internet, if any at all. 

So, you’re going to need to use a mobile hotspot like a MiFi device that grabs a 3G or 4G signal from a distant cell tower. Cricket Wireless is currently popular. Verizon and the other major networks often have unlimited packages available, but their deals change periodically. Sometimes, nomads find they need to use different cellular networks to ensure they have internet coverage most of the time. 

Also, consider a cellular booster that comes with an aerial for the RV rooftop to grab distant signals that turn a one-bar 3G signal into a 4-bar 4G LTE signal that’s far more usable. 

Getting Ready to Work on the Road

Creating a business or freelancing from the road is possible, but it usually requires prior planning. You’ll need time to setup properly first including business accounts, a PayPal account and a website. You will need to acquire several ongoing clients who will provide initial references and revenue to keep going while scaling up. 

Use a mail forwarding service that can open your mail, take a snapshot of it and upload it to a secure server. This way, you can see what mail has been received and choose what gets sent onto you. Mail can be forwarded to a PO box that you can setup near an RV park, or it’s possible to arrange something at a local store, too. 

Internet and Parking Spots

Consider what type of business you’ll do on the road. Having internet access all the time isn’t going to always be possible. Therefore, clients need to understand that email replies may take 24-48 hours. When requiring reasonably quick internet almost every day to do your work, boondocking is going to be tricky. You’ll need to situate your RV in places where you can get a reliable signal or drive into town each morning to check emails, perform uploads and anything else that requires a decent signal. 

Test the waters first and rent an rv for a shot trip, and you won’t have to buy yourself out of a lease or sell a home before your family is ready. This is necessary for everyone to be happy and make the life adjustment to enjoy the complete change in lifestyle.

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