Learn These Price Tag Hacks to Save Money at Costco


Costco has endless amounts if items in bulk. It’s one of the best things about it. The low pricing on bulk items means you can save you and your family some money on each shipping trip to the store.

However, Costco is rotating their stock in order to keep prices low. You might find some of your favorite items at Costco but next time you go they might be replaced by new products. It’s always a bummer when you head to the store and find this out! The good news is there are a few ways you can figure out of your favorite items will be there next time you go.

Learn some of the price tag hacks to save on money on your next trip to Costco!

Price tags ending in .99

A price tag ending in .99 means it’s a full-price item for now. You likely won’t be saving money on this item but it will most likely be there next time you shop.

Price tags ending in .00 or .88

If a price tag ends in .00 or .88 means that the item is in low stock or someone has returned an item. The inventory is likely limited and whatever is placed out in the store is likely what is left. Grab that item now because it won’t be there next time!

Price tags ending in .97

A price tag ending in .97 means the item has been marked down. Items marked down to .97 means it won’t last for too long at that price. You can ask the manager for an original price to see how much it was marked down for. Price tags will have a date on the bottom right-hand that tells you when it was last marked down as well.

Price tags ending in .49, .89, and .79

Any tags that end in .49, .89, and .79 then these products are special. The prices indicate these are promotional offers straight from the product manufactures.

Price tags with an asterisk

If a Costco price tag has an asterisk (*) on it means the item is on its way out no matter what the price tag ends in. The item likely will not be restocked or is discontinued. Grab the item before it goes if you want.

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