Why I Cook Once and Eat Twice

No more unplanned leftovers with the “Cook once, eat twice” cooking method. Not only will you save money and end the “we don’t want left over” complaints  – you will also cut your weekly cooking time in half.

 The idea is to cook a larger quantity of meat on one night and use the leftovers to create additional meals through out the week. To begin you will need to plan out your meals including a leftover meal plan of how you will use the extra meat you have prepared.

Here are some ideas for cooking once and eating twice:

Chicken: Roast one large or 2 chickens for your first meal then shred and cube the left over chicken to create chicken pot pie, chicken fajitas a chicken alfredo pasta or your other favorite chicken dishes.

Roast Beef:  Cook a larger sized roast then needed in your crock pot for the first meal then slice the left over beef for French dips or cube it for stew or a noodle gravy meal.

Hamburger: Fry a large batch of hamburger dividing it up into separate meal portions. Make tacos the first night then use the left over fried hamburger for spaghetti, chili or sloppy Joes later in the week

Pork: Bake pork chops for the first meal cube the left over’s to be used in a pork and veggie stir-fry later in the week.

I think you are getting the idea of the Cook once and eat twice method and once you begin you will find many more meal ideas that your family will enjoy

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