10 Funtastic Tween Party Ideas

Throwing a party for your younger kids can be simple, but how about throwing a party for your kid who is now a tween? It’s a whole new ball game for us parents!

Being a tween is when our kids don’t want to be treated as just a “kid” anymore. Your tween might want to start exploring their interests and even independence. They start to have an adventurous passion and ready to discover new things. Tweens just want to have a lot of fun. So, a lot of planning will need to go into organizing the birthday party for your tween.

Try one of these 10 funtastic tween party ideas!

1. Pool Party

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Pool parties are a great theme for your tween’s birthday. They are a lot of fun, and for tweens that love water it’s even more fun. You can have a pool party at home, a hotel, or check out local places if you can rent the pool for a couple of hours.

You can play fun games in the pool. Be sure to bring pool floats, lightweight balls, and other fun pool items. Don’t forget to bring some decorations, snacks, and the cake.

2. Candy Shop

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A candy theme birthday party is perfect for a tween who loves candy. Have your tween choose any candy they want to eat at the party. Decorate the party with candy colors, such as pink, blue, green, red, and white. Place all different kinds of candies out in jars or bowls.

3. Luau Party

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Think about sand and island fun. A Luau is a simple and easy party to throw together. The decorations are endless with coconuts, tropical flowers, and beach fun. There are plenty of great food and drinks to choose from. You can play fun games like doing the hula or limbo. Check out some fun luau party ideas!

4. Pizza Party

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There is nothing better than pizza. Kids love pizza so why not have a pizza party? The kids can make their own pizza at the celebration and eat it too.

5. Ice Cream Party

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Throw an ice cream party for your tween. It comes with delicious ice cream, their favorite toppings, and a great time with their friends. Put together an ice cream buffet with a variety of different ice cream flavors, different toppings, and different cones and bowls. Check out this Ice Cream Buffet for some ideas.

6. Spa Party

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If your little girl is becoming a tween, host a spa party with all of her girlfriends. You can give each of the girls a fun face mask and paint their nails. Check out Spa Birthday Party for some other fun ideas!

7. Movie Theme Party

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An awesome party idea is having a movie theme. A movie theme party is fun because the tweens can watch their favorite movies. Don’t forget the popcorn and sodas.

8. Neon Glow Party

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A neon glow party is fun of color and glowing in the dark with accessories is fun for everyone. Decorate the party with bright colors and glowing items. Be sure to provide the kids with some glowing accessories. It’s not a party without their own glowing bracelets, necklaces, or sticks! Check out Kara’s Neon Glow-in-the-Dark Party for some ideas.

9. Art Party

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If you have a creative tween, why not have an art party? There are plenty of fun ways to have an art party. You can take the whole party to an art class to learn how to paint, draw, or mold. You can take them to a shop to paint their own ceramics too.

10. Scavenger Hunt Party

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Scavenger hunt parties are always a blast. They are easy to put together as well. All you need is to choose a location, such as a shopping center. Make a list of the items they need to get. Check out How to Plan a Scavenger Hunt for some more ideas.

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