Buying a Home? Here’s How to Do Your Research


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The home buyer is as empowered as ever, especially with all of the residential properties listed on various online platforms. In the past a buyer needed to let a realtor know what they wanted and what style of townhouses suited them then a realtor would pick some potential homes. Now buyers can see a plethora of homes and decide which ones they will view and which ones they will skip out on seeing in person. However, some things could be obvious to anyone as things to look out for when buying a home, while others might not be. Would you be able to discern if the property has a new roof install? How about being able to tell if the roof is quite rundown and you would need to contact roofing services to repair it?

With all of the keyword search functions on websites like Zillow it can be easier than ever to find homes that avoid any deal breaking features like that of carpet or not having a pool. Such websites are keyword-rich and brim with Niche Edits, essentially popping up in the SERPs when you search. The following are tips to help research when it comes to buying a new home as some real estate agents want to close the deal fast instead of helping you find the home of your dreams, if you want some great housing options, then check out these New Homes in Greenville SC

Schools In The Area

Those people with children or who plan to have children need to look at the schools in the area. Underfunded schools can leave children getting a far inferior education than those schools that have higher public funding. The schools in the area are often indicative of a few things which include income and even crime rates. The schools that are underfunded often times cannot give students the attention that they might need on a personal level. Take a look at the schools in the area as it will be an added cost if you need to send your kids to private school due to the poor quality of the schools near your home, if you want some more options then consider contacting flanagan realty for some professional assistance. 

Structural Integrity

Structural integrity is so important in a home. “The last thing you want to do is become emotionally invested in a property that has a slew of issues,” says Guardian Roofing, according to roofers in Houston TX. “A thorough house inspection will uncover any potential renovations like a roof replacement that is necessary, but you can save yourself time, money, and energy with a keen eye.” While most people tend to focus on the exterior landscape of a home, it’s important to look at the important parts of a home for safety and to figure out if you will be requiring services by roofers to work on any significant damage with architectural sheet metal to make it last or even a water pump service to make sure everything is working properly if it not a roof repair could be helpful. According to roofing services the problem оf course іѕ thаt thе ѕоundрrооfіng rеаllу should have bееn done durіng thе соnѕtruсtіоn рhаѕе but if уоu wаnt you саn use thіѕ DIY rооfіng mаtеrіаlѕ tо make the change yourself. Unfоrtunаtеlу, current building codes аrе nоt stringent еnоugh whеn it comes tо соndо ѕоundрrооfіng, ѕоundрrооfіng wаllѕ аrе grеаt for muѕісіаnѕ. The surface of these is textured, so they are safe to walk on, even in damp conditions, check these Floor Sales to learn more

Crime Rates

Crime rates are important to note as you do not want to move your family into a high crime area. These areas often times are much more affordable but you pay for peace of mind when moving to a higher income area. Those areas can be dangerous but something like a gated community can reduce if not eliminate the crime in the neighborhood. Neighborhoods with sections that have low and high crime rates can be a good compromise as there is a bad neighborhood in every area regardless of income level. Always check crime rates before making a decision. 

Sense of Community In The Neighborhood

A sense of community can make all of the difference when trying to purchase a home as well as sell a home. This sense of community can increase home values due to those in the area taking great care of their homes as well as landscaping. A lot of the time there has to be a homeowners association to enforce these things as not everyone has the same pride in the appearance of their property. The sense of community can also reduce things like crime as unknown people in the area will attract attention. While great security can reduce the odds of a break in, a noisy neighbor can thwart a robbery quite easily by alerting the authorities. A community safe room can also give peace of mind to residents especially with weather related disasters or looting that has become the norm after said disasters, you can go over to for some great housing options if you have not already found your dream home.

Where The Housing Market Is Trending In The Area 

The home is going to be the largest investment that a person makes during their lifetime for a majority of people in the US. Even if you plan on staying in the home for years, taking a look at where the housing market is trending can allow you to get a huge payoff on your investment. This can allow a person to sell their home and move to another area with the profits from their home. This is going to take online research and looking at similar homes to see what your home is worth. An appraiser will give the final verdict on home value but you can get an idea of what you should list your home at by doing online research. 

Commute Time To Work

The time that it takes to commute to your job daily can be a large chunk of time that could be spent doing other things. If adding an hour to commute this can amount to 10 lost hours per week versus a 10 minute commute that would take a little under two hours per week. Do not simply look at the distance from work but rather use your maps app to see how long it would take during your commuting hours. If you work nights then you should be safe from traffic but in certain cities traffic might not die down until 8pm or later. 

Do not spend your life driving unless the home your purchase offers something at a lower price than if you lived closer to the office. Research the areas you would like to move as well as the markets of these areas. Do not make this huge decision on a gut feeling but rather use data to help make this decision. A home is an investment and should be treated like one so use the above tips to be as informed as possible!

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