8 Reasons Why Wearing Merino Wool in the Summer is a Smart Choice

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Even though many people may consider wearing wool as something they would only do in the coldest of temperatures, merino wool can be the perfect choice for summer. But what is merino wool?

Merino wool is different than standard wool because it’s made from the wool of merino sheep. The unique properties of this wool — such as being fine, super soft and resilient — work to insulate this domestic sheep breed in the winter and cool it in the summer.

When used to make garments, merino wool will function in the same way. It will insulate the person wearing it against the cold temperatures that are common in the winter. However, merino wool will also allow the wearer to stay cool in much warmer environments.

If you and your family members enjoy engaging in outdoor activities in warm-weather climates or during the summer season, you should check out the benefits of merino wool. Here are 8 reasons why wearing merino wool in the summer is a smart choice.

1. You Want to Wear Something That Will Help Regulate Your Body Temperature

Believe it or not, merino wool clothing can help regulate your body temperature. This means that when it’s hot outside, you can stay cool. The reason? Merino wool is a fiber that stores moisture in its structure. When your body temperature elevates, the merino wool will pull the moisture vapor that develops between your skin and it away from your body into its fibers. From there, the moisture vapor is released through the fibers into the drier environment outside of your clothing, which will keep you cool and dry.

2. You Want UV Protection

If you and your family enjoy outdoor activities, then you’re likely aware of how the UV index can change due to your geographical location or even from day to day or hour to hour. A high UV index, such as 6, 7 or more, exposes you and your family members to harmful ultraviolet radiation. When it comes to clothing that can offer UV protection, merino wool is better than other lightweight fabrics you might choose to wear, such as cotton

3. You Like Breathable Clothing

When a garment is breathable, it means that it can remove moisture, such as your perspiration, from the area between the garment and your skin. Merino wool fibers do just that. Merino wool can also absorb and retain approximately 30% of its own weight in moisture but still feel completely dry.

4. You Don’t Want Your Clothing to Smell

In hotter temperatures, especially those accompanied by high levels of humidity, you’re likely going to sweat if you spend any amount of time outdoors being active. Cotton clothes and other fabrics that you may wear often don’t effectively wick away moisture and can end up having an unpleasant odor. Merino wool is the opposite. It is effective at wicking away moisture, which means it won’t carry an odor if you sweat while wearing it.

5. You Want to be Comfortable

If the thought of wearing wool brings to mind visions of you squirming and scratching, don’t worry. Merino wool is not scratchy like traditional wool, which contains larger fibers that don’t flex well. Instead, its fibers are much smaller and much more flexible, which allows for comfort during wear.

6. You Value Clothing That’s Easy to Care For

As a busy mom, you likely look for easy-to-care-for clothing for your family. If you’re wondering whether you’ll have to dry clean merino wool or follow complicated care instructions, the answer is no. Plus, you won’t have to wash merino wool as often as you would fabrics that harbor odor-causing bacteria after you’ve worn them and sweated. Instead, to stretch out the time between washings, hang merino wool garments in the open air after wearing.

7. You Want Quick-Drying Garments

When you do decide to wash merino wool, you won’t have to follow up by throwing it in the clothes dryer to dry. Instead, you can lay it flat or hang it up to dry. But you won’t have to wait hours for it to be ready to wear. Instead, you’ll notice that merino wool dries quite quickly due to its fine fiber construction.

8. You Want Warm-Weather Clothing That’s Good for Travel

The summer months are a popular time to travel for many families, and that often means packing your clothes into suitcases. The good news is that merino wool garments are the perfect travel clothing choice. The fine wool fibers won’t wrinkle, which means that you can wear merino wool garments right out of your suitcase — no ironing required.

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