8 Bad Cleaning Habits You Should Break Immediately

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When it comes to life in general, we all have bad habits. Sometimes it comes to simple things we do, such as cleaning.

As moms, we are always looking for ways to make cleaning faster and easier. We don’t want to spend hours and hours cleaning the house. Instead, we want to spend our time doing more important things. So, when we can find a shortcut that works, we want to use it. But sometimes these “shortcuts” can make it harder for us in the long run.

You might have developed bad habits that are stopping you from getting the job done more efficiently. I know there are some big cleaning mistakes I’ve made in the past. These habits aren’t just bad for you, but they could be ruining your home as well.

Check out these 8 cleaning habits you should break immediately.

1. Using Too Much Cleaning Product

Using too much cleaner for the laundry, floor, countertops, and more doesn’t make anything cleaner. It can make it dirtier because it leaves behind residue. The residue becomes sticky and attracts even more dirt. It then becomes harder to rinse away.

To break this habit, use less product. Even read the instructions to see how much you should be using!

2. Cleaning with Dirty Tools

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If your cleaning tools are dirty, you cannot expect to get clean results. A washer that has built up detergent residue cannot clean your clothes. Your vacuum bag or filter being filled with dust won’t clean up the dirt. A dirty mop will push around more soil and bacteria.

To break this habit, clean your tools after every use by emptying them. Wash them in hot water and add disinfectant. Replace your cleaning tools periodically, especially mops, sponges, and rags you use for cleaning.

3. “Cleaning” Only with Disinfectant Wipes

Disinfectant wipes are only good for a quick wipe down of surfaces. It hardly contains enough product to clean an entire room, such as a bathroom. You are simply spreading bacteria from one surface to another.

To break this habit, use disinfectant wipes only for a quick clean. For a deeper clean, use cleaning tools and products to remove the soil and bacteria.

4. Leaving Dirty Dishes

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If you have dirty dishes piling up in your sink, you are letting bacteria and dirt spread. How much longer would it take to put that dirty dish in the dishwasher instead of the sink?

To break this habit, get everyone in the household to put their dishes in the dishwasher or wash them as soon as possible.

5. Not Reading the Directions

You might have had to redo a task, such as cleaning up a mess because the cleaner didn’t work. Perhaps you skipped out on reading the directions.

To break this habit, make sure you read the directions. Sometimes cleaners don’t work instantly and need some time before the product works. Spend just 30 seconds to read the direction and avoid redoing the task again.

6. Wearing Your Shoes in the House

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Wearing your shoes in the house you wear outside only brings dirt and germs inside your home. It also creates more hours of vacuuming and cleaning the floors. Save yourself some time by removing your shoes when you come in.

To break this habit, take your shoes off when you come in. You can provide a shoe tray close by the door for wet or muddy shoes. A bin is also a great place for each family member’s footwear.

7. Dusting Last When Cleaning

A room should be cleaned from top to bottom when cleaning. Dusting after you vacuum only lets the dust land on the floor you just vacuumed.

To break this habit, save yourself some time by dusting before you vacuum. Use the number one cleaning rule by cleaning from top to bottom.

8. Leaving Your Bed Unmade

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Even when the rest of the bedroom is clean and organized, an unmade bed still makes the room look messy.

To break this habit, make it part of your daily routine to make your bed. Select easy bedding with a simple comforter and pillows that won’t take long to throw together and make in the morning.

What are some cleaning habits you need to break or have? Share below in the comments with us!

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