3 Compliments to Give to Your Spouse

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Marriage is hard. Even on the very best days there are usually a few moments you might feel like you are doing something wrong. Through the doubts and challenges, you power through and keep going. Even when you love and appreciate your partner, it can be hard to remember to compliment them when you have this whole parenthood thing to do.

Through the diaper blowouts you might have to clean, the toddler tantrums, and other tough stuff you must remember you got someone right there next to you along the ups and downs. You have someone there to rock this whole parenthood thing. You deserve a pat on the back and so do they.

Take a look at some ways you can start complimenting your spouse for being awesome. They deserve it!

1. “I couldn’t do this whole parenting thing without you.”

Telling your partner they are vital to your family is important. Imagine if you had to do this whole parenting without them. You can go into more specifics about what your partner does if you want. Being told just how important they are can really give them a huge positive boost.

2. “You always put our family first, and I admire that so much.”

When you become a parent, you make sacrifices. It’s what you do when you start taking care of tiny humans. If your spouse is pulling extra hours at work to make sure the family has enough money or they have to skip out on an event they have been wanting to attend for some extra family time, then make sure you tell your partner how much that means to you. Your partner being recognized for their sacrifices will appreciate being noticed.

3. “You are still handsome/beautiful since the day we first met.”

When you enter into a marriage, you begin a life together that last a long time. Over this time, you both change. You and your spouse might change physically. You might go up or down a few sizes or your fashion style might change. Letting your partner know you still find them handsome/beautiful since the day your first met them or got married can really make a difference. You are letting your spouse know deep down that your love is beyond what they might look like now. It’s a way to let them know you love who they are beyond that and will love them always no matter what.

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