10 Home Decorating Ideas for the Summer

Summer means warmer weather, barbecues, celebrations, and lounging in the sun. It is also the perfect time to give your home a facelift. You can easily bring the colors and feelings of summertime in your home with simple tips and tricks for summer decorations.

From bold colors to splashy prints, a few easy décor updates can make bring the sun inside your home. I love to use bold colors within my home. Blue is currently my favorite go-to color for the summertime. With these ideas for summertime scents and easy updates, the summer decorating ideas I’ve gathered will give your home a bright and sunny look that is perfect for you and your family and entertaining guests.

Check out these 10 trendy summer décor ideas for the summer!

Floral Prints

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Floral patterns are a huge trend right now. Summer is the perfect time to introduce them into your home. You can choose from wallpaper to curtains (even a floral shower curtain pattern for your bathroom) to throw pillows to make a colorful statement in your home.


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Copper is another trend that’s a huge hit this year. The metal works both in vintage and industrial spaces. You can use copper candle holders coffee tables, and kitchen accessories to add this trendy look right now.

Travel Photos

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Summer is the time for travelling and enjoying vacations. Preserve your memories by printing, framing and arranging them in a gallery wall. It will save you money on purchasing summer decor art and also a great conversation starter.

Nautical Theme

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Nothing speaks more summer than going with a nautical theme in your home. You can easily go with a more beach like house-theme. Choose navy blue and white stripes with boat-shaped relics and woody decor items.

Animal Prints

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Add a few animal print details throughout your home. It’s a wild design but keeping it simple with a detailed rug or throw pillow can easily incorporate it into many design styles. Try a animal print chair as a statement piece in your living room.

Living Plants

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Try easy living plants to add a bit of summer touch within your home. Living plants such as succulents are perfect. Succulents require little care and making them perfect for any tablescape in your home.


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Rustic chic is definitely a hot trend right now. Terracotta is a great way to incorporate this trend in your home. Try terracotta flooring for a permanent. If you want a temporary solution use terracotta planters indoors.


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Consider rearranging your furniture. Shift the focus of your room towards the window or if you have French doors. Replace heavy draperies with curtains that flow with the breeze, such as gossamer sheers.


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The color green brings freshness and renewal, making your home feel brand new. Paint a wall, restore an old furniture piece by painting it green, or add a green couch that stands out.


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Welcome your guest with a summery green wreath. What better way to great your guest with a warm and welcoming smell of summer.

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