10 Fun Ways to Spend Father’s Day

That special day to celebrate dad is just around the corner. What do you plan on doing?

There are a million ways you can celebrate dad on Father’s Day. We all our dad’s favorite way to enjoy their special day is with their family.

You can plan a special Father’s Day with fun-filled activities and really show how much the family loves their dad!

Check out some of these great things to do with dad on Father’s Day!

1. Play a Game of Golf

If dad enjoys a good game of golf, you can spend the afternoon with a good game. Dad can start teaching kids the “real” game as well. You can also opt-in for some mini-golf if the kids are beginners.

2. Go Out to a Ball Game

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Attending a play game is always lots of fun. Try a pro baseball game or a local minor league game.

3. Bowling

Is it rainy on Father’s Day this year? Go for a few rounds of bowling. If the kids are younger you can put the bumpers up to give them an advantage.

4. Go Fishing

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Enjoy a day out in the sunshine with a kayak fishing trip. It’s a relaxing day to spend a special day with dad! 

5. Enjoy a Beer at a Brewery

Enjoy a refreshing beer with dad on Father’s Day if the kids are of age. You can even plan a day of different craft beers.

6. Fire Up the Grill

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Celebrate Father’s Day with amazing food with the whole family. If it’s a nice day you can bring out the grill. Dad can teach the kids a new thing or two about grilling or simply enjoying a great meal prepared by dad.

7. Go for a Family Bike Ride

Spend the day cruising around on a family bike ride. It’s healthy for the whole family!

8. Take a Hike

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If your family loves the great outdoors, go to a local hiking or walking trail with the entire family. Make sure you do some research online to ensure the trail is suitable for younger children.

9. Enjoy a Picnic

Spend the afternoon at your favorite family local park if the weather is nice. Pack a picnic with your favorite picnic favorites, such as sandwiches. You can enjoy some great family park games with dad like playing catch, frisbee, and more.

10. Go Camping

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Spend the weekend celebrating dad by heading to a campsite. You can even set up a tent in your own backyard for the day. Roast marshmallows and tell scary stories around the fire.

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