Why Labels Can Help Keep You Organized

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There is a lot to being a mom. You spend each and every day not only tending to your own needs but also the needs of everyone around you. Being a mom is a lot of stress and a lot of responsibility and there are a lot of opportunities for things to go wrong along the way. Moms are always losing or forgetting stuff, between the pacifiers, diapers, and the countless toys your child has that he or she just has to bring with them. It can be a little difficult to remember the most mundane of things when you have a laundry list of things that you can’t risk losing, so that’s why you should consider getting Electronic Shelf Labels

So imagine this, you’re going out grocery shopping and you have to bring your 3-year-old with you. You are carrying your 3-year-old, packing some emergency diapers in the car, making sure you remembered his sippy cup and favorite dinosaur toy, only to realize when you get home that you left your brand new coat in the shopping cart at the store. People, in general, lose a lot of things. In fact, they lose over 3,000 personal items in their lifetime. That number includes everything from coats, to cell phones, hats, car keys, and about everything else imaginable. This is also just the average number of items that a typical person would lose in their lifetime. Mothers can take that number and practically triple it.

If losing stuff is such a huge problem, then how do we combat this? Well, one way of managing this increasingly prevalent problem is through the use of custom labels like the ones that LeeLee Labels for kids provides. Now, I know what you are thinking, “Why would labels help me to not forget important items?” If you have some of your items labeled, such as your coat, your shoes, your cell phone, then that establishes that you are the owner of that product. These labels can also have your phone number on them so you can get a call when the item is found. If you are worried about someone stealing or taking your personal belongings without your knowledge, its a lot more difficult for someone to get away with theft when whatever they stole has your name branded on it.

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Organization is key. Without organization, it is a lot easier to lose some of the most essential everyday items that you have around the house. Although keeping a clean and organized house is important, it’s just as important to make sure that you have a system in place in order to keep track of your personal belongings. If you do choose to use labels to help keep track of your everyday items and those of your children, then you may want to take it even one step further and categorize your personal items by color. Associating an item with a color will help you mentally keep track of it better as well as to easily identify it in case it does happen to get lost. This is not just a theory that no one has tried. Students, in particular, are a group of people who use color coding all the time in order to keep track of their personal belongings, as well as assignments and class notes. There are even business professionals who will often turn to color-coded labels in order to maintain a sense of organization at the office and make sure that important documents are easily within reach.

With the amount of stuff that people lose throughout their lifetime, it should be a no brainer that everyone needs to do a better job of keeping track of their belongings, especially moms, in particular, who have to keep track of their things as well as their children’s items. As helpful as labels can be in keeping your life organized and preventing you from losing important items, they can also be a powerful lesson to your son or daughter about organization. This is an invaluable skill that will certainly serve them well when they have kids of their own someday. The only question left to ask is why haven’t you started to use labels to keep track of your personal items? What are you waiting for? It’s better to start early than to wait until you have gotten to the point of losing some important belongings.

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