All You Need to Know About Preparing Your Home for Your Newborn Baby

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It’s nearly time for the birth of your child, but you’re freaking out because you’re completely new to this experience and don’t know what to do to prepare your home for a new baby? Don’t worry, you’re not the only person that goes through these feelings when they’re expecting a baby. You should know that there are going to be a lot of things on your plate when your baby comes home, which is why you must put in the time and effort to prepare your home for your newborn baby.

If you’re wondering what you’ll be up against, and want to find out more, you have come to the right place, as we are going to provide you with the complete lowdown of everything that you can expect when you’re preparing your home for your newborn baby. Here’s what needs to be done:

1.    Conduct a ‘Safety Exam’ for Your Home

It may seem that you’ve got plenty of time before your baby comes home and starts crawling in the kitchen, where all the cabinets filled with toxic chemicals are open and accessible. The thought is enough to freak anyone out, and you can do yourself a big favor by preparing your home before the baby arrives. This will save you countless headaches in the future when you’re running on low sleep and don’t have the energy anymore.

The American Academy of Pediatrics states that medication and cleaning products should be securely locked and stored out of sight and out of reach in cabinets. The best course of action is to use magnetic locks, which are easy to install and work extremely well in keeping cabinets locked. If you’ve got any firearms in the home, you should remove all ammunition and keep it locked away in a separate place away from the gun. Keep the keys stored in a different area and install carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in your home.

2.    Prepare for Visitors

You should also spend some time gathering things that your overnight guests will need, like your best friend or your mother when they come to stay with you. It will ensure that you’re not running around trying to find towels or sheets when you get back home from the hospital. You should also stock up on toilet paper, toothpaste, and toothbrushes, while you can put in extra fans and change the sheets.

3.    De-Germ Your Home

You may think that the areas of your home with the most germs are the doorknobs and the light switches. However, the National Sanitation Foundation International found in their research that toothbrush holders, cutting boards, refrigerator handles, countertops, faucet handles, sponges, stove knobs, dish rags, and kitchen sinks are the dirtiest areas in your home with the most germs.

You should have your partner clean out all these areas when you’re recovering in the hospital before you bring your baby home. You should also keep sanitizing wipes close to these places so that you can easily wipe them down whenever you can.

4.    Make Some Room in the Kitchen

You should also make some room in the kitchen so you can place all your baby-food essentials over there. For example, you’ll be needing the coffee maker, but what about the tortilla warmer that is hardly ever used? You should create space for a baby-food maker or bottle rack, and clean one drawer to keep all the bowls, sippy cups, and baby spoons in.

5.    Clear Out the Fridge

When your baby comes home it will on an all-liquid diet, but you’ll need space in your fridge to keep the breast milk and formula. You’ll also need space for keeping the delicious casseroles that your family and friends are going to bring along when they visit you. So, empty your fridge and clean it out good, starting from top to bottom, while throwing away any unidentifiable or expired food. You should also clean all the shelves with a sponge and scrub the sticky spots with white vinegar.

6.    The Trick for Sterilizing

New parents may feel as if they’re surrounded by pacifiers, teething toys, bottles, nipples, and pump parts that must be sterilized. It will take a long time to sterilize all of them, but luckily for you, studies have shown that simply placing them in hot, soapy water will kill all the germs.

7.    Finish Your Laundry Beforehand

There are going to be many laundry runs when your baby comes home, which is why it is important that you give yourself a head start and finish all your laundry beforehand. No mom complains about washing and folding the clothes of their newborn, and you should remove all the tags and packaging from them since they can irritate sensitive skin.

8.    Be Prepared for Stains

When your newborn baby arrives, you’ll find yourself wondering why you even bother dressing them, because of all the mess they produce. You can use an enzymatic stain cleaner to clean urine, poop, baby food, formula, and spit-up since it has a formula that helps break down soil molecules and stains. Use it on all fabrics, and if you’re not going to be doing the laundry anytime soon, you should spray the stain remover on the clothes, and soak them in cold water, until you wash them.

Managing the Daily Dirt

Even the most organized home can be turned into a disaster site quickly when a newborn baby arrives on the premises. It can be extremely difficult for parents to deal with that, which is why we are going to provide you with some easy solutions.

For Clutter

If you’re living in a multilevel home, you should keep a basket at the base of the stairs and toss all items that must be taken up. Avoid moving your baby up and down the stairs, as studies have found that nearly 25% of babies younger than 1 get injured when they were being carried up or down the stairs.

For Spills

You should get microfiber cleaning cloths, and get rid of paper towels for spills since they are quick-drying, reusable, and incredibly absorbent.

For Dishes

You should strap in your baby into a bouncy seat that is close to you whenever you’re loading or unloading the dishwasher. You can also wear the baby in a carrier, as it may be soothing for them.

Preparing the Home for the Baby

There are some other things that you must learn when you’re preparing your home for your baby, and these include:

Location of The Baby’s Room

The initial months after your baby comes home will be some of the most hectic of your life, as you’ll be getting up for feedings in the middle of the night. Therefore, you must decide the location of the baby’s room carefully and keep it preferably close to your bedroom. This will make it convenient for you, whenever you need to feed the baby.

Decorating the Baby’s Room

It’s going to be extremely exciting when you’re preparing the nursery for your baby, and even though you’ll want it to look super cute, your priority must be safety. You’ll want to organize it in a convenient manner, and even though it may be difficult to contain your excitement, don’t overcrowd the room with baby stuff. You can keep the basics like a rocking chair, dresser, changing, table, and a crib, and you can add the rest of the items later.

A Screen for the Door

You should think about getting a wooden screen door to replace the nursery door, since it allows you to keep the door closed, so guests and pets don’t go in, and you will still be able to see and hear the baby. You can also paint or stain the screen door to match the room and adding a decorative window shade will keep out the light.

A Rocking Chair

Considering getting a rocking chair, as it will be relaxing for you, and will help create a soothing motion that will allow your baby to rock to sleep when you’re feeding them. There are plenty of designs available in the market, so finding one that suits you isn’t going to be difficult.

Essentials for Bottle & Breast Feeding

Your baby is going to want all their meals on time, and moms that bottle-feed will need to stock up on feeding equipment and formula before the baby comes home. If you’re breastfeeding, you need to get bottles and a breast pump for when the baby is being fed by someone else. You should also get a nipple cream for when you get sore, and if you want advice you should keep the number of a group member from your local breastfeeding support group.

Your Own Bedroom

You’ll be very excited for the arrival for your newborn baby in your home, but this doesn’t mean that you should convert your own bedroom into Baby land. You must keep your bedroom as a romantic sanctuary for your partner, which means not cluttering the bedroom up with baby gear. You will still need your own private place to escape to and unwind when you’re not looking after the baby. It’s going to be one of the most exciting times in your life and being prepared for your baby will allow you to have more time to play with your baby later.

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