A Young Athlete’s Hopes and Dreams

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Young athletes all over the world have hopes and dreams of taking their talents to the highest level possible. Many of these young athletes start playing sports at a very young age; as early as 3 years old. Parents have found that children do well in group settings with their peers. Athletics is the perfect way to keep young children active while allowing them to learn developmental and life skills that they can use in their everyday life.

Hopes and dreams of becoming a successful athlete usually begin at a very young age in a child’s life. Of course, this all depends on when the child is introduced to a specific sport. The coach can play a big role in how a child is molded into an athlete. As children start to participate in group sports, they are introduced to coaches who can either help them advance in that sport, or they may be introduced to coaches who can potentially hold them back for various different reasons. Coaches play a very vital role in a young athlete’s success. While it is the young athlete’s job to do its part as a team member, it’s also the coach’s job to ensure they are providing the proper tools for that young athlete to succeed.

Coaches have the ability to mold young athletes; especially if the coach begins working with the athlete at a very young age. Not every coach follows the rule of being fair and equal, which often times causes issues among players and parents both. Parents want nothing more than to see their child excel in the sport and also they want their child to be given a fair chance. There has been a lot of debate about youth athletics and its reward system. While some parents and coaches believe the reward system should be fair and equal, others disagree stating that life isn’t fair and neither is the world of sports. The debate on whether or not trophies should be provided to all members on a team, regardless of time spent in the game, is still up for debate. Good sportsmanship should be possessed by all members on the team as well as by parents and coaches, too.

A coach’s job is to lead the team to victory by ensuring all team members are performing their specific roles and duties to the best of their ability. The coach has a lot of responsibilities, however, one of their main responsibilities is to make sure all team members are treated equally and fairly. No matter what the circumstances may be, a coach should not show favoritism to any specific player for any reason. Keeping things fair and equal allows for the young athletes to build camaraderie which makes for a great team. These are critical life skills that cannot only be used in athletics but also in everyday life.

It’s important that young athletes display good sportsmanship rather they win or lose. This sportsmanship should be taught and learned at a young age. Parents and coaches, both, should be enforcing positive attitudes to ensure these young athletes are making efforts to do the same. A positive attitude can go a long way. Whereas, having a bad attitude and a losing spirit cannot. Awards and trophies will garner positive attitudes among young athletes. When young athletes are rewarded for their positive behavior, they are more likely to work harder to receive their next award.

Every young athlete’s hopes and dreams may not all align the same. However, the skills needed to fulfill their dreams should be taught and learned at a young age. While fulfilling these hopes and dreams, the young athlete will need a lot of support from family, friends, coaches, mentors, teachers and more. The journey may be an uphill battle for some, while others experience less of a battle, but the amount of hard work and dedication will ultimately come from the athlete. If they are committed to their hopes and dreams, they will do whatever it takes to ensure they make their dreams come true. Parents and coaches have very important roles in a young athletes life and those roles will be highly rewarded when the athlete fulfills their dreams. Hard work, patience, and dedication are a few ingredients a young athlete can use to ensure their dreams come true.

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