8 Ways the Kids Can Help Celebrate Mom on Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day has always been a special day growing up for me and within my home today. Not only is it a great time to celebrate all the moms in your life and being a mom yourself, but also an opportunity to teach children a valuable lesson. Mother’s Day is a great time to teach children about respecting their moms and thanking their mom in some way for all that she does.

As much as we want the kids to show their appreciation for their mom on their own, it’s not always going to happen that way. Younger children won’t know how to do this unless you teach them. Older children might know if you have worked with them since they were growing up and consistently using Mother’s Day as a day to celebrate their mom.

There are many ways you can celebrate the mom in your life, and showing the kids how to celebrate their mom too. It can be tough knowing what to do to celebrate, so take some time to think about it and prepare for the right recognition the mom in your life deserves for all her contribution to the family.

I’ve gathered ten ideas that kids can help mom feel special and loved on her special day.

1. Make a Video

It takes a little planning, but it would be amazing to see the reaction on her face when she watches a video dedicated to her. Each child can talk on camera about mom. The children can say what they love about her and what memories they have of mom. You can then compile the video clips and add some pictures, and music. Then show it to her on Mother’s day.

2. Pamper Her

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Mother’s Day makes a great day to pamper and celebrate mom. You can serve breakfast in bed, give her some alone time to do what she loves, or a special dinner with all her favorite foods (cooked by the kids if they are old enough!). Do whatever that day that seems a little more special for her.

3. Donate on Her Behalf

If there is a cause mom might feel strongly about, consider donating on her behalf. The kids can learn about the organization you are going to donate to and gather any spare change they might have to help the cause. It also teaches the kids about giving back. You can then make a card and let mom know what you gave and to which organization.

4. Write a Letter

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Each of the children can write a letter to mom. The letters can be about praising how amazing of a mom she is. A letter of appreciation can really make any mom stop for a minute and feel loved. These will be true keepsakes for her to treasure later.

5. Make a Craft

Any mother loves things that their children make for them with their own little hands. Look up some ideas on what crafts the kids can do to make something special for mom!

6. Give a Gift Basket

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A thoughtful gift is great, but what about a bunch of them all at once in a gift basket? You can fill a gift basket with all her favorite things – snacks, lotions, perfumes, music, and more. A gift basket is great because it shows you know her and what she likes.

7. Make a Memories Box

Go to a craft store and purchase a decorated tin. Have each of the kids write some of their favorite memories with their mom on index cards and put them in the box. You can print up pictures of memories too if you have them. It’s a lot easier than a scrapbook, but still creative and something mom will love to pull out occasionally and remember all the great memories with the family!

8. Go for a Walk or Hike

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If the weather is nice on Mother’s Day, take some time to get the family out. You can go for a morning walk in a nearby park or travel to a nature area to go hiking. Plan a picnic at the park is also a fun idea. You can bring sandwiches for a fun lunch and hang out at the park during to enjoy the nice weather. It’s a refreshing day and fun way to celebrate mom.

Whatever you do for Mother’s Day, letting the kids learn how to help and celebrate their mom is an important lesson. The kids learn how to show their appreciation to their mom in many fun and creative ways that are simple to do. Their mom will appreciate every bit of the celebration and feel special and loved along the way!

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