5 Ways to Decorate Your Front Porch

With the weather warming up, you and your family are likely to going to be spending more time outside. You will all enjoy the sunshine and good conversation during the longer days as spring turns into summer. So, it’s time to prepare your home for the warmer days approaching.

If your home has a front porch with a large area where you relax and entertain or a tiny space that is just the entrance to your home, there are plenty of ideas that can inspire you to make the entrance of your home warm and welcoming for the spring and summer months.


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If you have a large enough porch, you can create a warm and welcoming sitting area. It’s important to get outdoor furniture that uses fabrics that wont fade in the sun and will make your front porch feel large.

You will want to arrange the furniture as you would inside your home, such as the living room. Creating an arrangement of the furniture that brings conversation is a great start. Choose a focal point that includes table surfaces and some patio sectionals for setting down drinks and food.


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If you want some privacy, see if you can hang curtains or blinds to help filter light and create some privacy. Curtains can be tied back, and blinds can be rolled up.

Consider installing lattice up on one side of the porch. Grow plants or ivy up the lattice. You’ll add a lovely appearance to your front porch along with privacy.


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There are several accessories you can add to your front porch to make it more comfortable and welcoming.

  • Put lanterns or galvanized pails with candles in them on the steps.
  • Add an outdoor rug to add a cozy feeling.
  • Add some throw blankets onto the furniture for cool evenings.
  • Use accent pillows to add color.

Plants and Flowers

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Plants and flowers bring a pretty addition to any part of your home. These can especially look great on your front porch.

  • Fill an urn with seasonal flower. You can fill the urn during the winter time for more of winter plants and flowers.
  • Hanging baskets are perfect for summer flowers and add a lot of color.
  • Use multiple potted plants and flowers. Dot them around the front porch. Use a variety of different sizes You can find different sizes of at a plastic pails manufacturer.
  • Add flower boxes to windows and railings. Fill them with vibrant colored flowers.

Front Door

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Being the focal point of the front porch, you’ll want to give it some great attention. You can add a new coat of paint or decorative door knocker. Wreaths are perfect for any season. You can use seasonal flowers and greenery to welcome your guests into your home.

What are some ways you decorate your front porch for the warmer months of the year? Share below in the comments with us.

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