12 Innovative DIY Laundry Room Ideas

The laundry room is my least favorite room in my home. It reminds me of the one chore I hate doing. Laundry.

There is never any sense of completion. You are never done with the laundry, especially with having to do laundry for seven people. There will always be dirty laundry in your house for the rest of your life really.

One way that has helped me endure my least favorite chore around the house is to make sure my laundry room is clean, organized, and comfortable. I feel in control and proud when my home is organized and cleaned. When I am in the comfort of my own home, I can accomplish more and feel rewarded.

If your least favorite chore around the home is doing laundry, I got you covered. I’ve put together a list of laundry room ideas that just might help you feel better about doing laundry, just make sure that you get a washer and dryer repair whenever it is needed so that you never fall behind on your laundry. Whether it’s cleaning, organizing or comfort you need, check out these 12 innovative DIY laundry room ideas!

Plywood Waterfall Countertop idea from Vintage Revivals

Use plywood to build a waterfall countertop. This is perfect for adding more counter space for decorating, folding laundry, or storing laundry baskets.

Ironing Board Storage idea from Morning Chores

Store your ironing board in a small DIY cabinet. You can store all your ironing essentials in there.

DIY Washer and Dryer Stripes and Dots Tutorial idea from A Beautiful Mess

According to a electrical contractor you can use electrical tape to give your washer and dryer a makeover. You can create all sorts of designs, such as polka-dots and stripes.

Keep the Change idea from Shop One Love

I’m always finding loose change in my washer and dryer. This is a perfect way to store that change you find.

Dryer List Decal Tutorial idea from Sarah Hearts

Need a reminder when you do laundry? Make yourself a list!

Idea from View Along the Way

Add pops of color to make your laundry room cheerful.

DIY Magnetic Ironing Mat Tutorial idea from A Beautiful Mess

If you don’t have a lot of space, make your own magnetic ironing mat to iron your clothes directly over your washer and drier.

Idea from AttaGirl Says

Add storage with a customized cubby above your laundry machines. You can store your necessary supplies or clothes.

DIY Drying Rack idea from Centsational Style

Hang your delicate clothes to dry on a DIY wall-mounted drying rack. Just pull it down from the wall and lay the clothes over the rods or bottom hooks!

Idea from HGTV

Get a used bookshelf for storage. Use baskets for decorating accents in your laundry room. Store necessary laundry items or other things here.

DIY Laundry Room Storage Baskets idea from Sarah Hearts

Keep everything sorted in either a wash or wear bin you make with your own crafting stencils. They also make great decorating accents on open-shelving in your laundry room.

Idea from HGTV

The back of your laundry room door is perfect for storing and organizing. This works great for supplies. You can even use simple hooks for additional space to hang laundry bags or hangers for drying clothing too.

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