10 Ways You Can Save on Movie Tickets

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My husband and I have always enjoyed taking our kids to see a movie. We usually buy some snacks, popcorn, and a drink before heading into the theater to find our seats. The lights would dim in the theater and we would get ready to enjoy a fun-filled film.

However, a trip to the movies for us has become rare. With average ticket price closing in on $10, never mind the outlay for snacks (or even a babysitter if we decided to go out at a date night). Spending some quality screen time together as a movie-goer became less frequent for us. That was until I discovered a couple of ways you can you get cheap or free movie tickets without a hassle!

Check out these 10 ways you can save on movie tickets.

1. Find a Free Screening

Movie companies sometimes will set up free screenings of movies before they hit the theaters. You can sign up for free screenings on websites to receive alerts on the latest movies that are coming out when free tickets are up for grabs. Check out Gofobo and SeeltFirst.

2. See a Weekday Movie

Consider visiting the movies during the week for an extra discount. Some movie theaters will have a special day of the week where there is discount on their movie tickets. Call your local theater to see if they have this special.

3. Look for Free Movie Tickets

Food companies love to run free movie ticket promotions with the latest movie coming out. Keep an eye out on special offers as you shop through the grocery store. Cereal and candy manufactures are usually the ones running these promotions.

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4. Go Earlier

You can snag a discount by going to the early bird special to see a movie. Most theaters will offer a early bird discount for those seeing the earlier shows before noon.

5. Costco Discount

If you have a Costco membership, check out their discounted movie tickets to their members.

6. Join a Loyalty Program

Movie theater loyalty programs reward patrons with discounts frequently. You can even start earning free concessions and tickets.

Try these movie rewards programs:

7. Cash in Your Credit Card

Credit cards will often have rewards that can be cashed in. Check your reward catalog to see if that is an option for you to get a movie theater gift card.

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8. See a Free Flick

Some theaters will have free family movie series during the summer. They might not be the latest movies, but they are free and a great activity for the whole family.

9. Discounted Gift Cards

Gift Card Granny sells discounted gift cards to all kinds of businesses, even major movie theaters. Purchase a gift card and then use it to buy your tickets.

10. Senior and Military Discounts

Many movie theaters will offer special pricing for those who are seniors or serve in the military. Bring your ID to the ticket window to see if you are eligible. Discounts may apply only on certain days, specific showtimes, or certain theaters. Make sure you plain accordingly.

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