How to Keep Your Sanity When Kids are Home for the Summer

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You never knew how much you valued alone time and privacy until you had kids. How do I know that?

Because it’s a reality we’ve all faced.

And we face it again and again when the kids are home for the summer each year.

There’s no doubt that you love your kids, but months of cabin fever has you all climbing the walls. And you’re definitely not alone.

Take solace in the knowledge that the mom next door is pulling her hair out just as much as you are… whether she admits it or not.

But in truth, there are a few ways you can preserve your sanity when the is are home or summer. It just takes a little planning.

Here are a few ideas to keep the peace (and your sanity) during summer break.

1. Enforce earlier bedtimes

You might let the kids go to bed a little later during the school year because you want to enjoy the quality time you have together. But when you have nothing but time, it’s not all quality.

Try enforcing earlier bedtimes at the start of summer break, so you can get the alone time you so desperately need between their bedtime and yours.

2. Get outside

Take the kids to the park as often as possible, so you can relax for a few minutes before one of them yells, “MOM!”

Seriously, those in-between moments are magical.

But the park is really a good outing for everyone. You’ll feel better when you get out into the fresh air. And your kids will be having fun playing with each other as they meet new friends.

When you get tired of the park, you can plan other outings that get the kids out of the house. A few ideas include the zoo, a children’s museum, the aquarium and local festivals.

3. Enroll in summer camps

If you feel like you’re going to lose your mind during summer break, camp is going to be your savior. You can find camps of different lengths to keep your kids entertained. Camps range in length from a few days to a full session, which can last up to 10 weeks.

You’ll have to decide which option (if any) is right for your family. If you need help finding one, contact your local chamber of commerce for some guidance.

4. Hire help

It’s okay to ask for help every now and again. And if you feel like you need a break, take one. Hire a babysitter or ask a friend or family member to watch the kids as you take a night off. Don’t feel guilty about it, just enjoy your time knowing that you deserve it.

5. Take care of yourself

If you’re feeling especially frazzled, you may not be taking proper care of yourself.

The body and mind are connected, so if you aren’t taking care of your health and nutrition, you may find that your temper is especially short.

Eat right and exercise throughout the summer to keep your mind and body in the best shape to handle situations when your patience is tested (i.e. every day).

Never forget that your kids rely on you to be there for them. As easy as it may be to forget about yourself to better care for them, you need to still take time to work and love yourself for your own sake and theirs.

No matter what you do, you’ll encounter moments that test your patience. But with a little preparation, they can be few and far between.

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