7 Decorating Tips for Your First Place

Moving into your first place is very exciting. I remember the first time I moved away into my very own place. Of course, I didn’t realize just how expensive it would be to decorate my new place. I was on a limited budget and many of the home accessories I wanted were out of my reach.

But moving into my own place helped me learn several tips and tricks to polish up my new place. It became more of knowing how to use items than having large amounts of money to spend on high-end home decorations and furniture.

Here are 10 ways I learned to decorate my first place.

1. Use a Tray

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Trays are a simple and great home décor item to keep the clutter under control. They give a nice polished look to surfaces, such as coffee tables. You can fill the trays with all shorts of items. Stack hardback books, a box for your remote controls, a set of coasters, and a pretty object or two.  Using a tray makes it easy to clear off the surfaces by moving it aside when you might need space for entertaining too.

2. Hang Curtain Panels

Add an instant upgrade by using curtain panels. Curtains is another major décor item that pulls the room together. It can also help cut your heating bill and add a layer of privacy.

3. Fill Spaces with Plants

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Adding a living plant or two can make any room more finished and homey. Use a succulent, cactus, or philodendron on a side table or nightstand. If you are looking for larger plants to use, try a Monstera or Fiddle Leaf Fig.

4. A Bar Cart

You can organize your alcoholic beverages on a classy bar cart. Add some swanky barware such as an ice bucket or cocktail shaker. Get some cute décor items, such as a picture that says “Sip Sip horray!”.

5. Throw Pillows

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One of the quickest ways to pull a room together is with decorative pillows. Add warmth, color, and style to a boring room by adding some pillows onto your furnishings. You can fix and match patterned pillows or go with an electric mix of chic.

6. Matching Glasses and Coffee Mugs

Mismatched glasses and coffee mugs can have a cool effect if they are collected and displayed intentionally. But mugs with different logos on them and a hodgepodge of glass and plastic drinking glasses collected over time can look out of place.

Start fresh with a set of matching mugs and a set of drinking glasses. The dollar store is a great place to pick up an inexpensive options.

7. Add a Bookcase

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Adding a bookcase can fill space within the walls and help find a home for your books. If your books are paperback or old textbooks from college, you can still organize them and add items to bring it all together.

Style your bookcase by arranging your books horizontally and vertically. Add décor items of your liking. You can even use plants to add some color and life to the bookcase.

What are some tips and tricks you have added into your home? Share below with us in the comments!

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