Getting Ready for the Patter of Tiny Feet

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It’s not going to be long before your new arrival graces you with their presence. So when you only have a few weeks left, now is the best time to get organized. You’ve still got some energy left, and you’ll feel far more relaxed if you’ve got a plan and are well prepared. It helps if there are no last-minute panics because rushing out to the store isn’t going to feature high on your list of priorities when you get home from the hospital. Here are some tips to help you get ready for the newest member of your family.

Write a Birth Plan

When labor starts you’re not going to be thinking about making important decisions, so it helps if you’ve thought about what kind of birth you’d like before the big day. What kind of pain relief are you wanting, would you like the cord clamping to be delayed, is it important for you to be able to hold your baby as soon as possible and enjoy skin-to-skin contact straight away? Making a plan means your birth partner and the team caring for you know what you want as you might not be able to tell them.

Talk to Your Partner

You both need to be on the same page before your new baby arrives so make sure you communicate. Talk to them about the role you want them to play during the birth and how they’ll be able to help out when you get home. Having a baby in the family changes things dramatically, so you need to talk about how you’re going to handle the extra responsibilities and work.

Cook Lots and Clean the House

You’re going to be very busy when you first get home from the hospital so try to cook lots of meals and freeze them. In the first few weeks after the birth, you’ll be glad you went to the effort as it’ll give you lots more time for bonding with your baby.

Housework is something else that has to be put on the shelf, at least for the first few weeks, so give your home a thorough clean before the birth. Your nesting instinct might have kicked in so you should take advantage of it.

Stock Up on the Essentials

You’re going to need a good stock of diapers and make sure you’ve got a range of sizes. Not only is it a practical thing to do it’ll also save you money. There are certain personal items you’re going to need for yourself post-baby as well as a good selection of baby clothes. You’ll need a nursing gown for those night time feeds, snacks to help keep up your energy, a digital thermometer, a nursing bra, and nursing pads. Baby bottles and a breast pump are also useful things to have if you’re going to breastfeed rather than use formula. It’s possible to buy an insurance covered breast pump which will help with the expense.

One last tip is for you to try to get as much sleep and relaxation as you can before the baby arrives because the opportunities afterward are going to be few and far between. Try to rest as much as possible so you can enjoy those first few weeks with your new baby.   

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