5 Ways to Improve Your Finances in 10 Minutes

You’re busy. I’m busy. We have all these things to do.

Sometimes feeling so busy makes us put something off. The more we continue to put it off, the longer it doesn’t get done. Those small tasks that you keep putting off the most actually might be able to help you out financially. Although, if you are really struggling with your finances, then consider getting installment loans

The secret to getting those small tasks completed I have found is keep moving and don’t be afraid to ask for help. For those who have trouble managing your finances, consider getting money market accounts

If I have a spare 10 minutes, I know can find something to accomplish off my list. So, why not knock off one of those small things off your to-do list? All you need to do is set aside a few minutes every day to complete small tasks that can potentially lead to better financial outcomes for you. Personal finances are completely different from your business’s finances, so if you every need help keeping track of your business’ accounts, then consider getting this JetPack Workflow software.

1. Clean Out Your Wallet

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Spend a few minutes emptying your wallet of old receipts and other junk that might be hiding in there. Do you need all of that spare cash and coins? Are all these gift cards still useable? Do you have too many cards in your wallet taking up too much room? Decide and keep what you need.

2. Start a $5 Jar

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Stop spending those $5 bills! You can start storing all your $5 bills into a jar. After a few months or a year, you can easily have hundreds of extra dollars.

You can do this with any spare change too. But the sums will be small, and you might have to wrap up the coins to get your cash.

So, pull out a jar or container and put it somewhere on the counter. You can paste a photo on the jar that you want to save up for. Do you have a dream to buy a house or go on a vacation? Start saving up!

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3. Get Motivated

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If you have trouble sticking to a budget every month, you might need some more incentive. Try setting up a small reward for yourself to keep to your financial goals each month.

Buy yourself your favorite treat or a bouquet of flowers as a reward for saving 5-10% of your salary that month. Remember the reward shouldn’t be expensive. It’s meant to be a symbol and reward for accomplishing your goal!

Take a few minutes to choose your prizes to give yourself each month. You can make it the same treat each time or something different. It’s a new fun tradition rather than an excuse.

4. Set Your Monthly Personal Goal

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Tackling your financial goals can feel difficult, but if you work in discrete chunks it will feel less overwhelming. Try breaking up your goals by each month. Maybe one month you want to focus on your health by exercising and eating healthier. Maybe the next month you want to focus on your career, marriage, or family.

Decide now what your goal will be next month. Write it down somewhere where you will see it. Maybe print out your goal and hang up something to inspire you to keep you motivated.

5. Mind the Time

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Time is more valuable than money, so it’s always great to see how you have been spending your time over the past month or so.

Take your calendar out and see how you have been doing. Write down the top five things you wish you had more time for. Write down your tope five things you spent less time doing. Shift your priorities whenever you can. Maybe it’s spending more time with friends, family, or your partner. Whatever it is make sure you don’t forget what really matters. When you have written them down pin these two lists where you can see them.

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