3 Ways Your Children Can Improve Your Marriage

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There is a lot of talk these days about how to keep love alive in your own marriage, even after you have kids. But I think we forget that our children can enhance and deepen the love in our lives and marriage. Of course, this doesn’t mean having kids will fix your relationship that might already be struggling.

Before having kids, you need to try and patch up any existing problems within your relationship. Children, can however, add to an already good thing that you both have together in your marriage.

There are 3 major ways my children have improved and added so much more to my marriage with my husband. They have encouraged us to share, learn, and play!

Share Together

When you get married you start a new commitment with each other. You write out your vows and plan the next part of your life together. You are beginning to join both of your life purposes together and begin to share daily responsibilities.

There are some couples who love to travel, share their work together, or have other passions. But when the children come along, then the purpose and responsibilities change and develop. There is now a little person, part of you and your partner. Your child’s victories become your own victories. When your little one crawls, you cheer together. When their first step is taken, you celebrate together. When your child goes off to school, you feel both excited and sad to see your little one grow

Raising your child together grows the marriage relationship just a little stronger when you do it together!

Learn Together

Having kids for the first time is a learning experience on your own truly. You both are brand new at this whole parenting chapter. Parenting challenges make you grow closer together as you evaluate yourselves. You try to improve yourselves and you learn new things you probably never knew you would need to know. Parenthood teaches you both how to love unconditionally and maybe even for the first time in your life.

Play Together

From the beginning they come into this world, children love to play. They run, imagine, and play. They keep us playing too, which sometimes we as adults often forget how to do. Our children bring that back for us when they do and say the craziest things!

They add humor and relief to our every day lives. Their lively attitude helps us keep things playful and fresh with our partners. Children are so great that they help us see the best when things get hard. They never let us forget to smile when it might be hard to put a smile on some days.

When we invest into our children and our spouse, they become strengthening additions to our relationships. Sometimes some people forget to share, learn, and play. They might wait for their spouse to do those things instead of themselves. So, step out of that shadow and share, learn, and play! You will grow and love more as a person along with your relationships with your spouse and children.

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